Traditional Ahrimanism Change Direction



The original concept behind the new book was to be a path in which the Wicked Yatus was to become like Ahzi-Dahaka.  Upon through study of Ahzi-Dahaka and Tantra, the path work changed.  Ahzi-Dahaka become a valuable lesson what was best for this evil path, and what was wrong for this path of evil.  It became obvious that Ahzi-Dahaka was an evil example of a Guru to Tantra and was only guide leading us to the Agori Shivites.  This then lead us to Sir John Woodroffe, the only English writting author who could explain Tantra with proper authority to do so.  Here we find an indepth and detailed understanding of the Maha Nirvana aka the Great Liberation.  Along with the other books used to explain everything before the Great Liberation.

Also through the Agori Shivites, Vashikan Mantras were brought into the equation.  These are the Mantras of Attraction and Subjugation.  So, along with Tantra practice to free one’s self from reincarnation cycle, we have a magical formula to attain our desires.  This deep study has also shown me many aspects of Zoroastrianism and Catholicism that would never be understood without this knowledge.  Through all this, many things have changed about the original concepts that started this path.  It is no longer the way of Ahzi-Dahaka.

Traditional Ahrimanism is now moving toward becoming Ahriman, I am He.  We also recognize the demonizing of the Tantra Pantheon by the Zoroastrians and have been able to reconstruct the Daeva vs Deva and Pairaka vs Devi in all these things.  I also maintain the evil integrity of Ahriman and the Daeva through this way of worship and devotion.  Mantras and forth have been altered, rewritten, and new ones created to maintain the ideals and principles of Traditional Ahrimanism.  Thus corrupting and modernizing the religious practice to not only fit within the boundaries of Traditional Ahrimanism, also fit in a modern life style that lacks things needed for certain rituals.

As a Traditional Ahrimanist I seek to become both Ahriman and Naga Manasa as Shiva and Kali are sought in the cremation grounds.  I will become one with Purusha through becoming one with Ahriam as Brahma is sought.  I will corrupt my Buddhi, to allow Manasa to act as the Kundalini Serpent as Sakti does.  I will corrupt my Chakra with my lower chakras which are connected to the plains of the Nether Realm as higher chakras are used to purify.  I will descend into the Nether Realm through Kudalini to worship Ahriman directly because I know only a Daeva can worship a Daeva, for I am not druj like Ahzi-Dahaka.

2 thoughts on “Traditional Ahrimanism Change Direction

  1. Interesting. So do ya’ll practise the left handed path? Im just curious as all get out! But how user friendly is your church? I dont go in for anything to do with kids…and would completely have to narc out anyone who harmed one in my presence….but having said that…if its a non issue…im interested in learning your churches pov. I sincerely hope that most of what ive been taught regarding your religion is in fear of a loss of control and an inate desire to shame sex.

    • No, we practice Vamachara, which is left hand attainment. In other words, to attain liberation through Goddess Worship. If you worship the Goddess you also worship the God. The 5 M’s of worship along with using mudras and yantras. Our church only allows people 18 and up to be members and worship. In perspective, we are a corrupted blend of Zoroastrian Daeva (devil) worship and combined with corrupted Tantric Worship. We see how Zoroastrianism has demonized the Hindu Gods. However, we are still against the righteous and pious religious laws set by both religion, and uphold the laws within the lands we live. Should anyone choose to go against those, they are aware of the reprocussions and will accept responsibilities for thei actions.

      As far as loss of control? If you mean self-control, we are far from that. We promote self-resepect, self-control, and real self-confedence and only the clery in safe situations allow for spiritual possession for outside spiritual source. The other side lead people to believe that “negtive” entities will vex you into uncontrolled behavior, and for the most part they are right. If you confront and work on those issues they are vexing you with, you will attain Moksha. Moksha is liberation from the illusion of ego confinement. In better terms, confronting psychological issues that hold you back and overcoming them, but through religious and spiritual practice.

      Sex is an issue in any occult organization. In ours, their is a lot of self-acceptance work done through masturbation techniques, along with sorcery that offers the eneergy of the orgasm to Gods or Goddesses to fuel your working. As things progress, as in Tantra, sex into motionless sex is used to help attain Moksha. Within this organization, married couples stay with married couples and singles agree and consent before hand. Masturbation is still approate for the sexual rites. In other words, there are no free for all orgies. As any other of the 5 M’s, such as rice wine, the partaking of the wine requires many ritualized magical processes that allow for the favor of certain Deities to corrupt the poison into medicine. Sex is the same, if its unchecked unbridelled lust, then it is poison. That too can become a medicine for those who participate.

      All in all, people choose stupidity over ignorance when it comes to our organization. Glad that you reached out and ask questions. If, any other questions please ask.

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