Mobed Jeremy Accepts His Ordainment

7 thoughts on “Mobed Jeremy Accepts His Ordainment

  1. Happy first Saturday. St Peter Holy Ghost. Typer here. What else your black church think your gonna be allowed to do ? Per yourself power? Listen to YouTube priveledge of the victim soul. Immaculate heart of Mary CRUSHES. THE. SERPENTS. The eucharistic king offered you all divine mercy you said NO! That’s sad. Das that backwards stop pots . 666 that backwards. 333. N a 7. Jmj. If you indeed of help in battle. Rosary holy water blessed salt. Scapular Latin mass. N ave Maria Gloria. ANGUS DEI. Sanctus. MOG here. Aka Mother of God. Lol love our lord. GPS. Gods protection service. New age ancient war. Luciferians. No mo do overs. Tic tock. I cannot believe you all would free will choose eternally damned hell even though u worship it on earth. Doors of divine mercy closed on your camp. Good luck. Rub a rabbits foot to find your eternal way home.

  2. You can’t ordain anything. But yourself.. Im predicting… G W S. Gods spiritual warning system. Within your black mass church. Without The Holy Ghosts love n mercy. You’re all spiritually dead n that means. Your in severe need of a exorcist. Now listen too YouTube. Padre pious 3 daysof darkness. N in Gods time 3 days can late a second minute years hours months or now. WON. Glorious mysteries. Rosary rally now happening n its global. Hope y’all wake up. Pax et. Bonum. Jezu ufam tobie. Repeat that word chant. Angus DEI. Qui toils peccutaumundi.

  3. Witches brew. Check out this lyrical tune. So you wanna play with magic. Im coming at ya like a dark horse. Hold onto that blessed mother statue you break up. Lololol. That’s just plaster! Shes gonna appear. See if you can break her into pieces. Nevah. Watch her stare you all into hell. Why? Cause you had enough mercy with you’re evil choices. That’s why.

  4. Mother of God here. Listen to Metallica dont tread on me. N watch that rattlesnake. It may come of the new age you tube screen n bite you. Call a Dr if have one. Or I highly recommend eucharistic adoration best Dr in daworld.

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