Angra Mainyu (Antithesis vs Adversary)

7 thoughts on “Angra Mainyu (Antithesis vs Adversary)

  1. FYI. I don’t need a internet to battle hell on earth.. New age old war. Check out song bully by shinedown. Love that song.

  2. Eucharistic king FBI soul man here. Try another father of all lies. Conjuring. See who passes the faith test. Ok children I created. Humanity’s final stamps come soon. Hope you choose a white robe. Instead of the beast mark 666. Im allowing your stupidity. Hope you change your ignorance soon. You author nothing but war. I author. Saints. Hope you wake up from the deadly slumber. The dead shall bury the dead. That’s a eternally damned never ending nightmare. Hope your gangs ready for that.

  3. Then watch quiet room. . n that’s your eternal end. So enjoy yo selves here ok. Camp heaven tried. Your a lost cause. But keep staring at my human being pic. Were spiritual beings having a human experience. Good luck with yours. You choose evil instead of love n respect. Im poor n physically disabled. N adopted born in the ghettohood. Stare at my pic. N read Luke ch 1. Whose yo mama ??? You couldn’t last a week in myfaith shoes. That’s how I crush hell on earth my mission before I was born. Enjoy yours. Hope you repent before your heartbeat goes out.

  4. N watch bonnie n Clyde theme yo yo n ice cube. N Tupac hail Mary. N i feel the earth move under OUR. Feet. Pay attention to the lyrics. N don’t mess wit my yo yo.

  5. Now go on you tube. N watch now your messing with a son of a bitch. Military. N sing it out loud. N then listen to who let the dogs out. Rufff Rufff Rufff. Its a subliminal message. Like playing spiritual chess. Jmj. Pax et Bonum

  6. Holy ghost whisper Giovanni baptista pesavento. Her nono that grandpa in Italian. You he she human its. Watch the wind roar when you get this message in your new age stupido box. You threaten mi familia in this end battle. You get a eternal it beast stamp 666 .. You its been given enough time n mercy.. Now grab your brooms n books n pots. N yourselves. A storms coming. Your way.

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