Devil’s Kundalini



Great Pairaka Manasa, uncoil yourself from Ahriman (the great Angra Mainyu). I beckon you from Kakola, the darkest pit of Nakara, to greet the soles of my feet in the plane of Patala. Coil yourself around my animal person and nature, and circumvent around my lower chakras. I beseech you to enter me through my Muladhara Chakra, leaving Shakti behind. Through my religious workings of corrupting my mind’s buddhi, I have created the cremation grounds made fertile by the blood of Pairaka Chinnamasta and lite the fiery flame of Moksa by the lust of Suarva. The Dakhma of my mind only awaits the final transformation of your Kundalini Rising. Goddess Manasa, dissolve the fruits of my Chakras, so that I drink of the knowledge of Purusha as a reflection from a mirror of demonic images dancing from the planes of Nakara. Through the pain and suffering, through my pain and suffering as you dissolve the Ajna Chakra and open my third eye to reality, my Sahasrara Chakra open to set my Jiva free. Guide me Great Pairaka, from the Chinvat bridge through Nakara. Beyond the gates of Dozak (Arezura), to the bottom of pit, to Kakola. So that the Jeweled Hoods of all the Naga my guide and enlighten me. Guide me to jeweled Vedi adorned with the skulls of uncountable Gods and Angels that stands before Ahriman’s great Kalpa. Thereupon, the deadliest of all Daeva, Angra Mainyu touched my forehead. Ahriman’s knowledge of real universe became mine, a dark miasmic form (Kuazuran) enveloped me with the cold menses of our damned Jahi. It was the great Astwihad that brought my Jiva, my transformed spirit, my andhatAmisra back to my body. I have found the real path to the Devil, and I now understand the fatal faults of my ancestor Zohok. The Sons of Adam shall be set free from the tyrannical rule of the righteous, and they may now free their minds, words, actions, and most importantly their spirits. Wickedness is the worst of all evil! It is also fulfillment. Fulfilled is the man who is chaotic wickedness!

9 thoughts on “Devil’s Kundalini

  1. St Francis speaking ghost here. You conjured up your pagan family’s eternal damnation. Enjoy that no life forever chained death sentence. Lucifer is waiting for you all.. Why would you trust the father of all lies. N evil????? Bad nonstop choices. The end

  2. Listen too crazy kids lyrics by sistah kesha….. LOVE GOD AUTHOR OF LIFE. WHOM HAS GIFTS. I ALLOW YOU TO DO EVIL. TO SHOW HUMANITY. N GIVE THEM A CHOICE. PER FAITH. WHO AM I???? Im subliminal.. Whom is watching whom. ???????? Be love.

  3. Tupac holy ghost here. Listen to hail Mary I got illuminates all in my bodies. N go strike a demon station. . All to spiritually dead to wake up. Heaven battle tried. You all on your own now. Tell Dr Luke. God knows where he is.

  4. Now listen to marine corp on you tube. Metallica seek n destroy. Not dead gulf war vet chemically warfare. Said so. Then listen to grateful dead shakedown street n warrior song. N who are we ?? We are poor champions. N our Holy Ghosts are on this earth. BOO. Lol. We got your email number n address too. Blah blah blah.

  5. Greetings. Now listen too Marilyn mansion. SWEET DREAMS. N watch the video. .. N pay attention attention to the music sublimal messages. Ok John ch 6 here. Who you praying too now ? 666 your numbers. N a stamp eternal. Bad choice.

  6. Tick tock. Now listen to that track. You may get sent a sublimalas of a message. A UFO. May appear. Disco duck Love Heaven.

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