Highlights From the Consumption of Mary





9663 Strike Ln

Bonita Springs, Fl 34135



You were warned, we have ways to find those who try to hide.



We can continue to provide more public information on you as well.

41 thoughts on “Highlights From the Consumption of Mary

  1. SAINTS NEVER DIE. Im having a talk with heaven right now. N there gonna do a. Hail HOLY QUEEN appearance to yo pagan team of death. Be not afraid as the bible says. Basic instructions before leaving earth.. N don’t give satan the power. But if they thinkthere satan how can they battle. When heaven strikes????? Ummm call ST MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL RAPHEAL n GABRIEL see if they help camp pagans out.

  2. Satanist your eternal corrupt slumber approaches soon with your one world order pagan family… That you all so freely choose… So sad. Eternal life paradise is way better choice.. I pity you for your horrific eternally damned choices. You want be rulers there but slaves To the dominions of hells angels

  3. Hope you have holy water blessed salt n rosary n immaculate heart of Mary’s triumph scapular on for final battle againist hell n its prowling human creatures on earth.. Remember we win in the end. No mo do overs. Enjoy yo consumption choices. So sad you pagans chose eternal in body corrupted damnation.

  4. Message from Heaven. From Holy Ghost whisperer. The Mother of God. . satan you n your gang of evil. Have made enough enmity between me n my children. You have been given enough chances to repent of your evil n wickedness. You accursed. You want eternal damnation. You shall get your wish. See what you can consumption in the fires of hell…nothing but yourselves I feel the earth move under my feet. Wanna talk to St Michael the archangel lucifer!

    • I prayed numerous rosarys n did thousands of hours at eucharistic adoration to wake you all up in St John of the cross dark nights of the soul. N if Jesus puts your holy spirit lights out. In battle. Mentally physically n spiritually. You say for the Glory of our eucharistic king. Every knee bends at His name in heaven earth n hell.. And He allows you to live in death n ignorance. Cuz you free will choose it. That’s a bad choice. But Jesus n immaculate heart of Mary’s triumph loves till da end. When hell is chained forever. No mo do overs n we all live as a resurrected people. Ask chief shabbona. Man of peace n love n giving. Ok. Choose eternal life. Not eternal corrupted in body hell. N you never get out. Shall I send Padre pio incorrupted to bi locate n chat with your conjourings ? You may get frightened by his Holy ghost power. God is bigger then the boogey men n woman she he da beasts. Ave Maria gratis plena dominus tecum. Dominus vobiscum it com spiritu tua. Angus die.

  5. Greetings. Brothers n sisters. I have been storming heaven for you all. God is true love. N doesn’t wish not one of his children to be confined to eternal damnation. N neither does the Mother of God or saints. I have found most that go against God has a deep injury from self righteous Christians or judgemental etc. N those are not fruits of the Holy Spirit. N cause injury n harm mentally physically n spiritually. It is my hope. That Jesus our eucharistic king. Allows you all to experience the true joy n peace n hope n love. N charity n giving. In your hearts. The way real Christians should be. And we all fall short. Sometimes. I will continue storming heaven. N hope to see you all healed. N one in Gods true love in communion with our brothers n sisters in heaven. All life matters. Here n the next. I want to see you all in heaven. Not chained in hell by the father of all lies. N eternally without love joy peace just torture n evil God is bigger then the Devevil you are all created in Gods image n likeness. Aka life. The Devil cant create anything but death. Darkness. Don’t let it use you to hurt others. Be on the side of love n respect for all.. If you change your ways. Maybe God would use you to heal others. Suffering mentally spiritually n physically. Instead of hurting. Them. I pray that happens. Pax et bonum

    • Source: whois.arin.netIP Address: TMO9Handle: NET-172-32-0-0-1Registration Date: 9/18/12Range: T-Mobile USA, Inc.Org Handle: TMOBIAddress: 12920 SE 38th Street
      City: BellevueState/Province: WAPostal Code: 98006Country: UNITED STATES

  6. Greetings. Again. I have a question ? Why do you have my photo with a warning on it ???? On your website under the consumption of Yourselves. Demonic display. Obviously Gods mercy n love can’t stop you from your own demise. That’s sad. Heaven mourns your choice. Now praying. Mystery number one. Agony in the Garden. Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among woman. N blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother Of God. Pray for us sinners. Now n at the Hour of our death amen. God is watching you. N knows where your hiding. Pax et bonum. I don’t need a dumb box to battle hell on earth. Immaculate Soul of MarysTRIUMPH!!!! Pig hearts are not healthy. May get. Intestinal bugs. Eating raw pork. Fyi

  7. Greetings luciferians. Watch exorcist theme song n stare at my picture n warn yourselves. N ask yourselves. What eternal address you want to live at.

  8. You met you battle match. satan. The woman and the dragon. What do I look like ? N whom are my heroic children you make emnity with ??? Stare at my pic. You may be put into a trance. N wake up n believe your a child of God created in his likeness n image. N turn away from evil.

  9. Holy Ghost Boo satan. Mother of God. Ghost woman here.spy No mo do overs. Neeww age old war…….. You gotta chance. Until your ticker goes out. Hope you all make right choice. Stare at my pic. Voodoo it make your threats. N attack my faith. N watch that faith. N your gonna See hear n feel it.

  10. Now listen to exorcist theme song again. N ask yourself if you on the right internet address. Stare at my pic. N watch The least of these power laugh n dance to the electric slide. N you can watch warn n threatened yourselves. With yo magic of nothing but self. Need some flying pixie dust. Or a Satan Claus elf shop. N gift yo self something..

  11. Your consumpted back…. Now watch ave Maria. Angelus. Angus dei. N find your way out n eternal home. Remember s atan u got no name. So that’s what u she he da beasts. Will call yo selves in hell. Non existing. Extinct. With what you chose choose. Misery. N that’s what you are inside n out n create. Not our problem no mo… Hear me. ????? See me ???

  12. Now. Exorcist theme song. Again. N FYI. My doors are always unlocked. Capice. satan .. are you hungry or thirsty??? Is your family ?????

  13. Ok now. Go on YouTube n listen to boom. Military. N conjoured channel purple heart ww2 vet uncle morty. Holy Ghost. Ok. Heaven might wanna play picture in a. Picture.

  14. Brian Hugh aka Mia n my name ain’t Marilyn mansion. Now listen to I write the songs. Barry manilow. N consume n paint n conjourr your selves to hell. Mind body n soul. Corrupt. N watch Padre pio tribute on your way out !!!!# $$$!!!!$$$$ capice. Your sign. Your worried now huh. Lucifer. Cruz your days on earth done. N u got nothing to torment but you n your global family. STOMP. Mother of God here. Stay in the wrong battle family. Yo demon a Adam. Your one world order family coming to you soon. You made a eternal bad choice. THE END. Lve da AUTHOR OF LIFE. You buffoon.

  15. New age old war lucifer. Mog here know what those Morris code letters stand for. ??? Of course you don’t. Read these numbers. 16616116 forward n back n add them up n look outside. I turned the moon into a watch you eye spy from heaven. I got a tattoo on my hand to faith prove it. Wanna put that pic of my eye tattoo on your site. ? J ch 6 here. Loll. Hisses hisssssss. Lucifer. N yo gang. You got a under ground bunker ? In having a premonition of a twister. Hurricane earthquake tsunami mudslides etc Wherever you n your global triangles are. Need some Bermuda shorts ? Think subliminal. ?? Lol.. Adam. MADA love GOD. Mother of God here. You know how quick I put judas on a tree ? Fast. N the divine mercy since then. Close to done. You know that human lucifer. That you chose to much. Pack your bags with what you collected in humanity. N enjoy your family. Tree. FYI. Cry now. You got nothing but you n your he she selves. .. Poof something.

  16. Go on my FB now n replace your warning words n my picture with the one I have up now n see if you can find HER address. Pax et bonum

  17. Greetingss satanists. This is holy ghost typer here geno pez not dead called home on aug 15th 2015 feast of the assumption of our blessed mother. Why do you dare have my adopted daughter picture on your site with a threat ???? Wait until I appear. Your gonna see some paranormal n hear it. N your appliances n electronics may have some difficulties. N you may hear loud knocks n noises. N smell your own sulfur. When I scare you to hell.. You’ve been warned buddy. Now go hide back in your snake pits. N talk to hell.. N go there n consumption your way out. Heaven had enough of your blasphemies n threats n killings.

  18. Greetings. Witches. Wanna see my star tattoo???? Pay attention on these 12th of the month dates. 12th. Our Lady of Guadalupe. N 25. You demons know what day that is. N the 26th. My adoptive daddy b day. He isn’t dead n standing in the Orion’s belt mixing a fire balll. N may blink to the sun or moon or milkyway north star big or little dipper. N send a sattelitte message on your rooftops n it won’t be Santa Claus n his flying reindeer. But paranormal warfare. Call your hell relatives. See if your Gods n Goddess show up. Of course they want Duhhhh the eucharistic king aka mystical God father son holy ghost is directing the end faith mission. Your making. Christians have more faith n fight. N we celebrating. This country needed a spiritual wake up call. Thanks !!! TRIUMPH. Pax et. Bonum. Look up St Francis end of world prophecy. N padre pio tribute n his 3 days of darkness prophecy. N St faustina diary of divine mercy. N a hour in Gods time could be 1 sec minute 2000 years. But when its over. There is no time …..

  19. Greetings. Witches. Now please post this message. I wanna verse you. You ready to spiritualhttps://youtu.be/U1MjEcO2hpI warfare ??????? Im doing a celebration laugh dance n stomping your Gods n there pics. N lighting those pics on fire. N listening to. Prince. Party like its 1999 n praying my powerhouse rosary. All life matters. But you all messed with our mi familia too much now. We at spiritual big war. N we knows who wins in da ends. Not team spiritualky evil. Mammon devil. I command you to crush your one world order. N when its done see if she he can find its way homwayThats a parable. Love da author of life. What else you got. ???? Nothing but yo selves. Enjoy that. N your new age internets duh. We need no phones. Internet email or address

  20. Yo witches watch this track die young. By sister in Christ kesha. There’s subliminal messages for your battle team of dead in that song

  21. Now fly your broom to you tube n watch who am I. Army military motivation tune. On your way to look that track up. Say a hail Mary

  22. Call yourself. If you need a Adam n eve kelsey newage apple tree luciferians. Night night now. 20 mins until your inverted miserable hour. Wake up n miserable again. Listen to our lady of knock. N clue yourself you its. I dont address evil that free will chooses to do so by a name Cuz in hell you got no human name but a it. The portal is opening you all ready. ????

  23. FYI. In not turning my cheek no more. N I still got one arm to knock you out. Witches coward brew. That day eucharistic king allowed. Now in my pic under the consumption with your warnings. Insert. The fickle finger of faith. N me laughing at you. 24 mins then we at wake you up Emily rosee hour

    • I honestly think you should see a shrink, because you show signs of schizophrenia. I can’t suggest one in Florida, but I’m sure plenty are around. Good luck on your issues there, and if y’all would leave me alone, I’d remove you guys information. Considering every Catholics track record with me so far, this will piss you off even more. No worries, y’all are leaving fine examples that I share with others and give them an opportunity to profile you.

  24. Jesus said at the last supper that all Christians are worthy. and it’s true- these people thing that the devil is on their side when in Truth and Justice they will be crushed. I’m not getting into my life story on here but all I have to say is that they will be the devil’s puppets in hell just like they are its puppets on earth.
    Sending Astaroth to you right now you f*in punk! See what happens then! HOW DOES IT FEEL????? HMMM????

  25. Greetings human beings. I did a novena to our lady of fatima mother of all. And asked her to place her true love soul into those that have become cold hearted. Have a happy joyful. Sunday. If the suffering soul knew how much God loved it. It would die of joy.

  26. Mother of God typing Holy Ghost here. My precious children. Created in Gods likeness n image. I shall battle for all life n souls until the end of time. From conception until human death. Please know you all are included n counted as children of God. Praise be to Jesus Christ now n Forever. Maranatha.

  27. Adam Daniels here. Hail Holy Queen. My mother. Now were sending this song to the world. Sound of madness. Pax et bonum

    • Please, take your Jewish mysticism and retarded drug idled thoughts some where else. We have rejected both Jewish and Christian theologies, and are apathedic to both. If their follows would leave us alone, we’d be apathedic to them as well. Take your wanna be Borg asses the fuck on.

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