The Consumption of Mary by Jai Kali Maa Explained



4 thoughts on “The Consumption of Mary by Jai Kali Maa Explained

  1. Mr. Daniels, I find quite interesting that
    Your faith along with yourselfiwants to try to destroy the Holy Mother of God.
    I have several questions,
    As a devout Roman Catholic The Virgin
    Is Very powerful and loved by many.
    But Hell itself also fears her.
    Why are you attaking her?
    You must hate her for some reason.
    Could it be that just Satan hating her
    Because it was her that crushed
    The head of the serpent (Satan).
    Why do you attack and desicrate
    The Holy Eucharist? Like Satan you must
    Believe it is real otherwise you would steal
    A communion cracker from the protestant.
    If you would explain to me and ny questuons.

  2. First off, we never took an actual eucharist. We knew how the reaction would get by saying we had one. The point was mocky the Catholic Church by public display of over-reaction, and it worked quite nicely. Hatred for Gawd or the “mother” of Gawd is in fact lacking here. I’m actually quite apathedic to you folks beliefs. The problem is a personally one that was started by your Arch-Bishop. In 2012, he stuck his nose in our first public wedding and try to shut it down, then he had the OKCPD shut a public ritual we were set to do in a park, and not only did he try to stop the Black Mass he had my very own mother attack me with her nasty sideways way. She to is a devout Catholic, but just recently. Our relationship has really bad since I came out of the closet about being a Devil Worshiper in 2008. In fact this woman hasn’t seen or interacted with her 3 grandchildren since 2010. Our relashionship has always been shitty do to her abusive nature toward both my brother and I. So anyway, the new Bishop elect for Tulsa convinced my mother, to include my grandfather in nasty phone call that erupted quite badly. Even my grandfather made mother aware that I have the right to do what I want to do, but he also said he supports me but doesn’t agree with my methods. At the end of the conversation, I could tell that mother was on her knees begging me to return this “host” that I never had. I told my mother that she was never this weak to bow down and beg. That I was terribly offened by her actions. Thus creating some turmoil in my world, but Coakley was unaware of how freyed our relationship was. This final act caused no communication between her and I since. In my religion, the only law we have in veangance. Arch-Bishop Coakley, Cardinal DiNardo, Arch-Bishop Chaput, and the Richie brothers all got a DVD laying out my plan and why this 9 month was going to occur. Then at Christmas they had my mother send food, so that the food would be on my head because I am the enemy. So as far as having a “hatred” for your religion, god, or other brings that you worship, is quite unfounded. My mother was used against me as a weapon, so in return I shall destroy your mother. It not about hate, its about spiritual dominance and retaliation to the attack placed on me and my family. Its pretty fucking basic, and do note that I have tried to speak with Coakley by telephone, email, and mail with no reply. I would say the contact attempts are well over 40 times at this point. I assume Coakley is enjoying our little game while the rest of you suffer, but that is your leaders. I’m completely apathedic to your suffer because it fuels my God, the Spirit of Anguish. Please realize, I don’t believe the way you do. My religion goes back to Zoroastrianism and Tantric Hinduism, and asking Kali Maa to eat another Asura is no sweat off my back.

  3. “Please realize, I don’t believe the way you do.”

    What is there here to understand? You come across as a wounded and hurting soul, who claims to have given up on goodness. With this as your starting point, why should any upright and loving soul listen to your words as though you had anything worthwhile to say in matters of truth?

    I am sorry that you feel rejected by your own mother. But how does that make any of this acceptable? “The law of vengeance” is a pitiful excuse, and not worthy of a grown man. Nothing good comes from such lovelessness and lack of imagination, while evil simply is not worthy of the least consideration in the final accounting.

    Kali may have something to show us: she destroys without hesitation that which no longer serves any true purpose. But she bows to her Queen, who has given us the true Light, as all creatures must do in eternity.

    Perhaps you will realize the truth of this when the “gates of hell” at last open for you, and a soft ray of light penetrates your heart to open it again to truth, beauty, and goodness. Then you will understand the futility of your crude acting out.

    And there is at least one Mother who is ready to help you along the way of your journey. Pray to her, and let her speak to your heart of hearts, where goodness still lives!

    Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis peccatoribus!

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