Catholic Church and Christian Oklahoma Concede the Devil

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Catholic Church and Christian Oklahoma Concede the Devil


The silence by Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley, and the obvious media blackout as ordered by said Arch-Bishop show 2 things.  First, Arch-Bishop Coakley has learned that he holds no power in the Devil’s domain and has lost the media “battles” he started time and time again.  Now he is acting like an ostrich by putting his head in the sand hoping it will all just go away and has ordered the City and State of Oklahoma to do the same.  Second, through all these supposed media “battles” he has never once returned any of our phones calls or has even tried to confront Dastur Adam Daniels.  This tells of that Arch-Bishop Coakley is well aware of the religious and spiritual prowess of the Original Devil, Angra Mainyu, and it is also self-evident to us Arch-Bishop Coakley has limited religious and theological knowledge to even accept a challenge of debate by Dastur Adam Daniels.  Since the Catholics and Christians continue to tout that Mary will crush the head of the serpent, then we call them to prove that their divinity has such power.

To answer the question that Christians constantly throw out there, the reason we leave Islam alone is because Islam leaves us alone.  Considering that Angra Mainyu is the original Persian concept of a world destroyer, they have enough fear and respect of Angra Mainyu to even stand against Him publicly.  The Catholics’ arrogance preceded them and it is finally showing.  So, Dastur Adam Daniels leaves an open challenge to any and all Catholic, Christian, or Governmental leaders to an open debate of religion, ethics, and/or theology.  If said challenge is ignored, we accept the religious and spiritual dominion of both the City and State of Oklahoma.

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