Tulsa Exorcist is Powerless to the Devil



The lead up to the Black Mass exposed many things about the Catholic Church.  One of them, is the fact that there is such a trained Catholic Exorcist in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Pics above provide proof that he decided to join in the festivities of the Christmas Eve Desecration of the Whore Mary.  I assume he is flipping the camera off, after he failed at Exorcing Dastur Adam Daniels.  Mobed Kelsey Daniels would like it noted, that no member of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu’s clergy acted in such a childess fashion at this event, or any other event that they put on.  He did say the Latin version of the Exorcism Prayer without any response from Dastur Adam Daniels who was focused on his ritual plan with Chinnamasta.

Tulsa World presented quite a lengthy article about Monsignor Patrick Brankin, we will only republish a portion to help get our point across about the subject of Exorcism:

All major religions have some form of exorcism, he said.

He said the Catholic Church makes a distinction between deliverance ministry and exorcism. In deliverance ministry, he said, any Christian can appeal to Christ to set someone free of demonic oppression. In exorcism, a priest speaking in the authority of Christ directly commands demons to leave a person.

“After four full years, I’m still a beginner at this,” he said. “Like any other ministry, there’s a skill involved.”

As Catholic Illusionist Brankin, mentions good old Deliverance Ministries.  This Christian Exorcism Stage Show is ran by a business man named Everett Cox.  He made quite an ass of himself on the Real Enemy: Black Mass Documentary.  Earlier this year, Dastur Adam Daniels had the oppertunity to have a conversation will ol’Everett Cox of Deliverance Ministries.  It is quite interesting to watch Dastur Adam Daniels confuse the scared old man, the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu does give Cox kudos for even talking to the Dastur.  The question remains, where is Paul Coakley?

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