War, War Never Changs


We took time off to get our book off the ground, and listen to many people in the Satanic community to stop the infighting.  Ok great, we stopped the infighting and started focusing on our next project.  In the mean time we have had an enemy use passive aggresive tactics against us and other LHP Organizations.  At the same time, they are trying to bring in some poser uneducated format no different than the Hipster Collective.  This is an usurping underming attack against the Satanic Ideology and way of life.

The sad fact is, there are other organizations jumping on board with band of mediocrity subversion.  I could give a rat’s ass about which path of Satanism you follow, but there are basic tenents in Satanism, that makes it Satanism.  The main one is a understanding that all forms of the RHP is the enemy period.  The moment you let that ideal break down, is the moment you can no longer call yourself a Satanist because at that point any RHP can put you back into the Matrix or reassimilate into the RHP.  The moment some tries to impose an ideal such as this, One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason, is now walking the RHP.

I think we as Satanists and LHP are all aware and have started down this path via The Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey.  Majority of us should be familiar with the extented ideology that Lavey codified.  So with that in mind, I know each Organization has its own codified ideology but I’m using this one because I know most of us are aware of these.  Last I checked, compassion and empathy towards all creatures is stupid because it chips away the predatory animal nature of mankind.  Once that predatory animal instinct is to be intellectually block and redirected toward compassion and empathy, you are inhibiting that insinctual impulse that you are suppose to be indulging.  Last I checked, responsibility to the responsible and Lex Talionis where the human law of the jungle.

Moving forward, as usual we will be onto our next campaign aimed at America Needs Fatima, and appearently The Satanic Temple wants to play too.  I enjoy being surrounded by all sides, its been that way since we setup shop in the Satanic Community.  Both sides numbers don’t impress me.  My organization has come in and fucked up shit before and we are going to do it again.  If you don’t go around jabbing sleeping lions with dull sticks, you might noy get bit, but you keep on.  So we will be sure to add a page for The Satanic Temple on the Destroyers of the Holy Spirit blog as well.  Hipster Satanists, I suggest you get dressed for a fight because the Devil Worshipers fight in the light and in the shadow, while you’re being compassionate and empathedic, we’ll through your carcasses in the same hole as the Catholics because you’re the same breed of cur.

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