Spiritual Flesh Altar

Many are brought to the LHP because the free sexuality, orgies, and naked women on altars that are train fucked at the end of rituals.  Motherfuckers wonder why many women aren’t involved in Satanic Groups that practice ritual workings that go in this direction.  Those that are, most likely fucked up on some type of drug.  Lets get real about sex in a magical ritual.  At the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu we have specific rules behind this type of ritual:

  1. Ritual Practice


Ritual will be conducted at least once a month is accordance with that menstruation cycle of the live female alter.

  1. Upon the solstices and equinoxes it will be required that the congregation of the church to conduct High Magic rituals with the laws and rules as defined by the cannon of this constitution.
  2. High Magic ritual is classified as a group participating sex magic ritual.
  3. Rules of high magic rituals.
  4. Legally married couples work together or inclusive couples.
  5. The clergy running the ritual itself will be with the Alter/Alters.
  6. All single parties will have agreed with the partner that they will be working with during said ritual.
  7. There will be no partner swapping.
  8. No means no.
  9. Stop is a command.

It is the responsibility of the Priest running the Ritual to supervise and maintain that rules are being followed, as stated above.

These are our guidelines to this type of practice.  Majority of people are not promiscuous by nature, and it would press many people’s limits to even have sex in the same room with other people having sex.  We will not go against our nature, just press our limits.  The internal aspects of how sex magic is developed between partners is strictly church teachings that are not offered up for public consumption.

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