Crying, This is My Religion

I see this issue in many folks who follow different religions, and the large religions that are commonly accepted have an extended support network.  In many cases, people fall threw net as well.  I see and hear several issues that surround this complicated issue for the individual who reaches this point in there development along their way.  The first thing that these individuals must ask themselves if whether or not they on a religious path or working within a philosophy.  There are folks out there that thrive off of just philosophical understanding and ethics, whether codified or not.

Most folks however, have been raised by quasi religious practitioners who are either following quasi religions that are excuses to bring people together for fellowship, entertainment, and tithes.  This type of quasi religion creates avid fans and groupies, much like pop musicians or actors.  Theses quasi religions put on a show for their herd and get compensation through money, fame, and as a teacher.  Issue with these quasi religions, it is nothing more than motivational speaking spewing the commonly accepted icon through an antiquated source which is manipulated by the entertainer.  This motivates people, gives generic comfort, and fosters an addiction to their form of entertainment (worship).

Then I observe and listen to those on an alternative path that is more a philosophy dressed up like a religion.  This is seen particularly in magical religions or quasi-atheism.  Majority of people in these groups are disenfranchised with popular religions, been removed from a popular religion, or they are seeking a different truth.  Outcasts find themselves moving between these groups because they are better accepted than in a popular religion.  The issue I see within these ways, are things are to open and way too much information about too many subjects.  Followers get lost in the maze of these practices which leads to frustration.

Within large religions that have their stuff organized, and have daily self-practice and weekly group practice that fosters a devotion to their practice, still have people crying.  I think this issue occurs within this particular type for 2 basic reasons.  If the religion has to many unanswered questions that are met with open ended questions, this deters people with a sense of doubt.  The second reason, is folks have reached a plateau in their progress.  Logical communication from a trusted mentor can usually help the person along in his situation.

Much like the outcast who floats from group to group or even path to path, you come across those you try to force themselves into a path.  It doesn’t matter whether or not that the path melds with them and their personality or not.  Forcing yourself onto anything is usual met with resistance.  This being others in the group, or the person’s self.  The issue then becomes a new additional problem to original issue to start with.

The conclusion I come to with these observations is quite simple.  Find a religion that boosted and emboldens you to reach your goals no matter what they are.  Bottom line is, the religion you practice should embolden you, comfort you in times of need, and should have a codified ethical understanding of how to work within your daily life.  This first requires self-acceptance and self-worth so you know where your boundaries stand both physically and spiritually.  If your religion and spiritual practices cross these boundaries or make you feel less than human, cut it off at the head and find one that fits you.  Once this is found, devote to it and allow your practice to transform you in power ways that gives you the things you need to prosper in everyday life.

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