Attuning Ourselves with the Devil

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If Zoroastrianism is an evolution of Vedic Hinduism, it should be simple to see the parallels of the Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva compared to Zurvan, Ormuzd, and Ahriman.  Shivite Tantric Hinduism speaks of the rising of the Kudalini from the Upanishads, as a form of spiritual purification through corporeal energy.  That’s all fine and dandy if you like the light and its blinding properties, however, just as Zoroastrian practices where corrupted so can Hindu practices be corrupted.  I’ll try to keep this simple and invest the knowledge to those who are within.

The Chakra is an energy spiral in key points throughout our anatomy and helps regulate and control our internal processes.  There is a guardian daeva of each chakra, and within the chakra is the seed chakra that contains a coupling of male and female tantric entities.  Opening the chakra allows for both the masculine and feminine aspect of that part to become in balance and provide a burst of emotional energy that can be broadcasted out into the collective consciousness like a ritual.  Unlocking this potential brings about “occult” changes inside and out.

First is learning to balance the self, within defined parameters.  The traditional projection is to become attuned with Purusha, which is the universal essences.  Ok, Ahriman tore that asunder with His birth.  So, its time to go from a Angra Mainyu Devotee to becoming Attuned with our God of chaos and counter-creation.  So, instead of seeing the Chakra as a lingam, lets use it as a vagina.  Cut the membrane open, plant a seed, let it grow, and then give birth to corrupted energy.

Mantra is a repetition of sounds designed to program, invocation, and/or change reality.  There certain Vedic vibrations that do just this.  There are ones found to work directly with certain chakras.  These are important.  The Japa Mala is a counting device, and holds spiritual charges along moving it like a dowel rod.  It has 4 sets of 27 beads, 3 spacer beads, and bindu or guru bead.  Spacer are for a pause in the mantra work.  We will be using Rudraksha malas, spaced with lapis, and ended with Ox bone guru bead.

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Rudraksha, a seed, has created attention and interest worldwide due to its mystical properties. It is known and has been used from times immemorial. Rudraksha stems from Hindu mythology and means “the eyes of Shiva”. The mythology that surrounds the Rudraksha is that the Hindu god Shiva meditated on the welfare of all mankind and cried tears of compassion, peace and joy. These tears upon hitting the earth crystallized to form these seeds. The divine qualities of this bead were first noted in ancient Hindu scriptures. They bless one with peace of mind; protect against evil doers and spirits; and bless with peace and prosperity.  The evil doers and spirits are the righteous and the ahuras.

Lapis Lazuli is said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes,creating a strong spiritual connection. This may be related to its property of assisting in contact with guardian spirits.

Intuitive and psychic awareness are energies Lapis Lazuli enhances and brings to the fore. As it is also a stone that helps with writing, it can also be used for automatic writing.

Lapis Lazuli is a manifestation stone. It is also an excellent meditation stone. Meditating on a goal or quality you wish to manifest can bring this strong manifestation energy in.

The Ox bone should be obvious, vexation of the laboring Ox.  This is in connecting with Jahi words and the killing of Gayomart and his laboring Ox.

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The Yantra are symbols used like sigils to create the subconscious effect to aid in helping with Chakra workings, and combined with for mentioned mantra.  This type of meditation work is called tantra.  Certain stones help one attune with the chakra and helps to balance or milk the Chakra.

This is a basic overview of where we are headed in Traditional Ahrimanmism.  Specific tantra techniques will not be for public consumption.  The end all, is to use the body’s corporeal energy combined with spiritual energy of the daevas to accomplish our works.  The final stage is for direct communication and energy working with Angra Mainyu and His universal essence.  Complete comfort within dark silence and individual fulfillment emanating pure abounding apathy.

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