Publisher’s Release of Ahrimani Enlightenment


Dastur Adam Daniels is prolific religious leader in a religious community seen as a counter culture. Many label Adam as a Satanist, which is incorrect. Adam is a Traditional Ahrimanist, and a priest for Ahriman. Ahriman is the Persian Devil that Satan and Lucifer are based on.

Dastur Adam’s book, Ahrimani Enlightenment, has been sent to print by Dorrance Publishing. This published book is the workbook used by the members of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu (Ahriman). It has 13 practical lessons based on the 13 Ahrimanic Steps of Faith, and these very same lessons have short video discussions on Dakhma’s YouTube channel as well.

The book also contains a dictionary of Persian and Vedic Hindu gods that are worked with, prayers/manthra, and nightly self-transformitive. These are the pieces to empowering people with Eastern Spiritual techniques in an antithetical way, to establish free thinking, self-reliance, and spiritually with chaotic forces.

We currently building a mailing list for Dorrance Publishing. This list is for a free copy of Ahrimani Enlightenment. The promotional copy will be available in 3-5 weeks. If interested please contact Mobed Kelsey @ or call at 4058824470.

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