Yasna Menses


Since the release of the Devil’s Yasna, rumors and other bullshit has surfaced, and the Satanic herd believes the bullshit.  So allow me to clarify what is being used.  The blood in the ritual known as the Devil’s Yasna is a mixture of costume blood and menses blood donated by our female clergy and members.  If anybody has bothered to research us or contact us, this would have already been known.  The Zoroastrian Yasna is about purifying the water supply and using “holy” water to clean all items during any ritual.  In fact the cleanse any thing from plants to ritual items before, during, and after any ritual.  Since Anahita was the goddess over fresh springs, she sided with the Devil and became Jahi.  Ahriman kissed Jahi’s forehead and menses was blessed upon womankind.

In the Hindu Tradition, many pilgrims go to the Kamakhya Temple, to celebrate the festival known as the Ambubachi Mela.  This is a 4 day celebration where the temple is closed do to dark days of menstruation.  On the outside a statue does menstruate, and people like the Agori and others take the blood and wipe it on their foreheads.  This anoints them with dark powers and fertility.

Thus, the corrupting power of Menses is prevalent in both Zoroastrianism and Hinduism.  It calls forth Daeva and other dark powers for the sorcerer.  It is apart of dark Tantric practices to create an offering to Dark Gods and Goddesses.  So, we use the Menses fluid to attract the Daeva we work with on a magical level, and it is also used to empower the women of our religion because all other religions look down upon this period in women’s lives.

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