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SatanicStones.Com is indeed greatly honored and privileged to bring an amazing interview, with certainly one of Americas most controversial Satanic individuals, to its members.

Dastur Adam Daniels is a winner. Not because the sun proverbially rises and sets upon him, but because Dastur Adam Daniels, as I call him Adam and my friend, always gets back up when someone thinks they’ll knock him down. I don’t think Adam knows a day that he won’t have to fight, but sure as that sun rises, so does Adam.

While most Satanists in this world drink their tea and eat their scones while believing they are Satans mighty and talented occultic gift to this Satanic world, Adam bulldozes this Satanic real estate with determination and passion and without one fucking apology and I pity the sad son of a bitch standing in his way. He is the very definition of bad ass and if he tells anyone he’d haunt them till the day he died, I’d recommend they start to hang garlic inside every window nook of their home.

But don’t get me wrong, the thunder storm and winning inside of Adam were in part shaped because of life experiences. Adam gets straight to the point with generous and healthy doses of intellect, empathy and understanding, all of which harbor inside of him like possessed blood worms searching for skeleton bone marrow, completely co-existing side by side like a steam locomotive storing water and fire hot coal in the belly of its furnace.

His personal life is a perfect Hollywood movie script because you simply can’t make any of his personal life up. His calling as a Daeva Worshiper, or as you and I would say Satanist, has had literally world changing effects. Adam is involved with bringing a Satanic monument to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA and recently performed a ‘Black Mass’ at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City, sparking a torrent wave of religious controversy that hadn’t been seen since the mid and late 1960’s with Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey.

Adam continues to seriously alter the inroads of all religions, especially Satanism, throughout all corners of the United States, not only by enjoining with valuable community outreach programs for children and families, but also by performing local public church functions to still as of yet, an unforgiving community, pardon the pun.

His experiences, insight, motivations, opinions, and spirituality, some of which he exclusively shares with SatanicStones.Com and its members, are completely fascinating and which can ONLY be found here at SatanicStones.Com, is a must read for ALL Satanists.

Now, tell your friends bye bye, shut the television off, pour your wine and put your cell phone on vibrate because this steam locomotive isn’t stopping.

And Now, SatanicStones.Com Proudly Presents:

The Dastur Adam Daniels Interview

SS:  Hello Adam. Thank you for being with us today.

AD:  Thank you for having me, I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

SS:  Please, by what name or title do you wish for me to refer to you? I see ‘Dastur’ and forgive me, but I haven’t heard or seen that before- what is a Dastur?

AD:  Adam is fine. Dastur is the Zoroastrian term for High Priest. Since their Devil is Angra Mainyu (Ahriman), we decided you use their titles as a form of blasphemy. Mobed is a ordained priest and Herbad is a priest in training.

SS:  I’m confused. When you state, “…we decided you use their titles as a form of blasphemy.”, please, “   we   ” being xians? Please, clarify your statement?

AD:  We being the Board Members of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. Since both Xianity and Islam are branches of Zoroastrianism, it blasphemes all three directly or indirectly.

SS:  I see. Basically creating a separation of church and fantasy (laughing) with Zoroastrianism being fantasy, of course (smiling). The titles “Dastur” and “Mobed” and “Herbad” are ancient titles, not titles you yourself have created or are the inherent to the doctrine?

AD:  Correct, we reused an older ranking system to keep things simple and organized. There is always a hierarchy in any group.

SS:  Just out of curiosity, almost an informal poll of mine, so please humor me if you will, but being a Satanist, what kind of music do you like?

AD:  This usually makes people laugh, I listen to all types of music. My favorite is Meatloaf, if he is performing music written by Jim Steinman. I’ll listen to classical, Motown, horror core, symphonic black metal, heavy metal, and instrumental soundtracks, 80’s, and etc. I use the instrumental soundtracks for ritual music as well.

SS:  If you had to listen to the same song or maybe style of music continuously for say, maybe 4 hours, what would that be (smiling)?

AD:  Meatloaf or Insane Clown Posse

SS:  I listened to an Elton John song titled, “Curtains” for over six hours straight once and I do not care to discuss it (laughing).

Again, forgive me, but if I may take publishers privilege in discussing such topics Satanist to Satanist, but, are you a fan of the ‘American Horror Story’ sequels throughout its seasons?

AD:  Never heard of it.

SS:  I hope you check it out and if you do, please let me know what you think of this show (smiling). It’s like an upscale classic and tasteful Halloween movie- very well done and is absolutely terrifying (smiling).

Would you define yourself as an Atheistic Satanist, meaning a Laveyan Satanist, or a Theistic Satanist?

AD:  I define myself as a Daeva Worshiper. The term Daeva is an esoteric term, so we use the vernacular Devil Worshiper with the public.

SS:  I understand, but for our readers (smiling), may I break it down simply and state Theistic, but in terms of ancient, spiritual leadership, yes?

AD:  Sure, that is a basic understanding without complicating things.

SS:  Please, instead of referring to you as a Satanist, would you prefer I refer to you as a ‘Daeva Worshiper’?

AD:  As you will.

SS:  Adam, you are an amazing man and have quite a bit of life experience. Please, what is your age?

AD:  I am a young 35 (laughing).

SS:  (laughing) Young at heart keeps our mind and our new experiences in life beautiful, educational, and vibrant doesn’t it (smiling)?

On that youthful topic, do you believe feeling and thinking young helps a Satanist in having a ‘Satanic State of Mind’, or is ones mental demeanor, meaning attitude, intellect, and personality, inconsequential to being a Satanist, beit a Laveyan or Theist Satanist?

AD:  I approach my religion the same way I approached Martial Arts. When I use the term young, I refer to the concept of the beginners mind with the master’s knowledge. One should be open to all things and at the same time, be able to discriminate things as to which is helpful or detrimental. This type of mind set is beneficial to any Satanists that is actually take on self-deification. It all falls on you as a Satanists.

SS:  At what age did you start to wonder if you were a Satanist?

AD:  It became obvious to me in preschool that I was different from most because I was dressed as Skeletor for Halloween. I would talk to the other kids like him, and was sent home early that day. I then noticed, that I normally sided with the villains. In my play with action figures, the villains always won. Specifically a Satanist was years down the road.

SS:  And at what age did you accept the fact you were a Satanist?

AD:  Honestly, I’d say 21. 2 years before, I had to defend my life at the Conoco gas station that I worked at. I had to kill the other person in self defense. By that time I was a Black Belt in Aikido, it was that training that saved my life. I then went on a journey to put myself back together. Catholics, Christianity, and even Buddhists looked down upon me. I supposedly did it out of rage because of my adverse reaction. I was about to give up, so I picked up and read the Satanic Bible by Lavey. I read, “Self preservation is the highest law.” I went full tilt bozo from there.

SS:  I want to ask how is it possible to be looked down upon by, as you have stated, “Catholics, Christianity, and even Buddhists looked down upon me“. Please expand upon your statement? I mean, in what regard were you looked down upon because as I understand it, you weren’t ‘a Satanist’ at that time? What was their reasoning for looking down upon you?

AD:  I believe that it wasn’t a religious microscopic few, more of a cultural bias. You killed the enemy, you should rejoice in the fact that you conquered the enemy. Since I was having such a severe psychological reaction, I must have done something wrong or there was something wrong with me. This creates a dejection because it did not match the cultural understand of the “proper” reaction. If not for my Aikido teacher and the rule of self-preservation, I wouldn’t be here.

SS:  And they are supposed to have love for all… (shrugs)… Just no words for it.

You stated while looking for, well may I state it as ‘looking for life’s answers’? Well, you stated you were “ …about to give up… ”, yes? So, the Satanic Bible was the last option, the last resort for you personally to make sense of the life you found yourself in, but why was it the last option for YOU?

AD:  Do to my familial upbringing, as like most, Satanism was something to fear. I searched in all avenues that would have been acceptable to those around me. All these avenues failed me, to include psychological treatment. I dived off the proverbial deep end. I knew that my family and Martial Arts family would reject my choice in path. My serenity was more important than their fragile egos. Funny thing is, my wife’s family works around it.

SS:  From accepting yourself as a Satanist to becoming a Daeva Worshiper, could you please explain how you springboard from one into another, may I say ‘deeper’ philosophy? Detail that path and timeline please?

AD:  2000-2001 The “core” philosophy I found in the Satanic Bible, was treated as any core book. I picked it apart in pieces. So, started by finishing with its branches: The Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, Satan Speaks, and the Devil’s Notebook. I then went to the other branches: Secret Life of a Satanist and Church of Satan. Some of these books where a pain in my ass to get.

2008-2009 The Satanic Scriptures by Gilmore and Essays in Satanism by Sass and The Fire From Within by Nemo

2000-2010 This was my period of ceremonial magic research. I started with The Black Arts by Cavendish. I then moved into A E Waite’s books. This lead me to the Lesser Key of Solomon, and a split occurred here. Ceremonial Magic and Enochian Magic, and to try and keep a thread of order I started with books that would cover both.

The Golden Dawn’s full book by Israel Regardie and The Enochian World of Aleister Crowley. These ate up some time, and I then moved into Enochian Magic exclusively about 2004. I got a hold of both books titled the Book of Enoch. The Dead Sea scrolls one gave many pieces to the puzzle of how things function magically if you read into it. Then John Dee’s Book of Enoch lead me to The Whole Enochian Dictionary and Crowley’s book 777. While studying these massive mind fucks, I ran across Donald Tyson’s book, Enochian Magic for Beginers.

I just want to say, that I highly suggest and have my Herbads read before they adventure into a deep study, The Black Arts and Enochian Magic for Beginners are like elementary guide books. I used both of these many times to reference information that did make sense while studying the more in depth books, call them my lode stones, lol. Moving on, Five Books of Mystery by John Dee was next and it lead me to Agrippa’s 4 books.

2010 At this point, I was looking for a way to intone this magical language. I settled with the using the basics of the Japanese System of the Kotodama. I felt the Hebrew style incantation and Hindu/Buddhist mantra intoning chants was missing the raw power I felt when using the Kotodama as a part of my Aikido practice. I also had to solve the issue of using an Angelic Call to call demons. A most wonderful book titled The Complete Enochian Dictionary by Donald Laycock, was key to rebuilding the Enochian Keys to call upon the Caoco-demons within the Aethers and Watchtowers. That was quite an undertaking. On a side note, Agrippa’s work lead me to the Avesta.

2002-2008 Philosophy, I started with the most obvious book, Might is Right. Then moved into Friedrich Nietzsche’s works: Thus Spake Zarathustra, Antichrist, Beyond Good and Evil. Those where good enough for me, note Zarathustra is Zoroaster’s Greek name. Ayn Rand works that I read where Atlas Shrugged, For the New Intellectual, and The Virtue of Selfishness. This may not make sense, but I put Freud and Jung in this category.

Freud works included: The Interpretation of Dreams, The Ego and the Id, Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Inhibitions symptoms and anxiety. Jung works included: Man and His Symbols, Memories Dreams Reflections, Psychology and Religion: East and West, Freud/Jung Letters, and Visions. With these I included 48 Laws of Power and the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. The final work for this section is La Sorciere: The Witch of the Middle Ages by Jules Michelet

2003-2012 History/Mythology Ragnarok by A S Byatt, The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings, A History of the Vikings by Gwyn Jones, Norse Magic by D J Conway

The Complete World of Greek Mythology by Buxton, Iliad by Homer, Hecate: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery by Luna.

2004-2005 H P Lovecraft Mythos

2005-Present A History of the Devil by Gerald Messadie, was an eye opening that lead me to Ahriman and I actually checked the Infernal Names in the Satanic Bible for authenticity. Here began my relationship with the Devil himself. Then The Dawn and the Twilight of Zoroastrianism by Zaehner. This book held a golden amount of information beyond what I thought would be available. From there I found that Daeva where demonized Persian and Vedic Hindu Gods and a most wonder resource of a wealth of information called Where one can find over 25 texts on Zoroastrianism alone. These studies lead to reviewing the Al-Jiwah in The Satanic Rituals, thus found the book by Isya, Devil Worship: The Sacred Books of the Yedizi. Zaehner’s book also pointed me in the direction of the Vedas, Rig Veda and the Upanishads. Shahnameh both Original and New Version in May of 2013.

2010-2013 Original Thinking of the United States The Hell-Fire Clubs by Evelyn Lord, Common Sense and The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, The Complete Works of Voltaire, Self Reliance by Emerson, and Thoreau’s Walden and Civil Disobedience. Emerson and Thoreau are mention because they where avid readers of the Vedas.

2008-Present Spiritual/Occult Science Quantum Theory by David Bohm, The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse by Amoros and Rausher, The Forth Dimension, The Incarnation of Ahriman, and Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner. The Wisdom of the Vedas by Jagadish Chatterji. Chaos: Making a New Science by JamesGleick, The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene. Beyond Time and Matter: A Sensory Look at ESP by Aaron Klein.

2006-2012 Other Satanic/LHP Thought The Devil’s Bible, Devil’s Disciple, and The Devil’s Coven by Myrmydom. ONA books include The Three Black Books of Satan, The Temple of Satan, and the Giving. Ford: The Book of the Witch Moon, Luciferian Witchcraft, Liber HVHI, and the Bible of the Adversary. Satanism: A Beginners Guide…by Brother Nero. Necronomicon series by Simon.

2008 Became disenfranchised with magic and ritual practice layed out by the Satanic Bible and the Church of Satan. It was too simplistic and flawed, and it felt like a Christian Service at the end, hollow. Once the fear of ritual is relieved, their rites felt hollow and enclosed without a presences of any sort. I learned that Belief was a powerful tool. This is where the break from Satanism began.

2010 Opened the Church of the IV Majesties which was a Universal Satanic Church and it accepted all parts of Satanism. I began to introduce Ahriman here but that was short lived.

2010/2011 Started the Coven of the Seraphim in Dallas, Tx. The voted to become a Traditional Satanic Coven while I was putting my research together. Most of our folks down there came from different schools of Paganism, and we got a thrill from experimenting with ritual magic and the Persian and Vedic demons of Zoroastrer.

2012-Present With the publishing of Ahrimani Enlightenment, Traditional Ahrimanism was born and continues to thrive as an independent religion. In closing, I hope I showed where almost all studies lead be back to Zoroastrianism or Vedic Hinduism or both.

SS:  Adam, I understand over a period of years, but you have read all of these books?

AD:  Yes, you basically asked me how Traditional Ahrimanism and Daeva worship evolved with a time line. I provided such, along with the main sources that contributed to said evolution. My occult study did have a slow down from 2006-2009 because I was going to college for my Associates Degree in Psychology. This also helped my understanding of the human animal and how the subconscious mind works.

SS:  I am also an avid reader and when fellow Satanists ask me about this or that, I tell them that what I am sharing is my personal experience and to read everything they can find topic wise, even if it isn’t exactly the brand of Satanism they believe in.

Adam you have given our readers exactly what they are asking to have and that is books to find the knowledge they are searching for. On a personal note for our readers, if you the reader are paying attention here, I beg you to re-read Dastur Adam Daniels response which lists these amazing books. Additionally, the website that Adam shared is a must experience.

Now Adam, you have written a few books of your own and I am hoping you’ll place modesty aside and discuss each of your books for us, please (smiling)?

AD:  Satan to Ahriman is the first self-published book that I wrote independently. It was originally written for the Church of the IV Majesties. It was my first shot at creating a philosophy/magic book. I used aspects of my own life and trials to help explain ideas behind the lesson.

The Way of Ahriman was finished before the Coven of Seraphim became the Church of Ahriman (which has been refiled to Dakhma of Angra Mainyu). This book is now used to help Satanists move from the standard ideas into Traditional Ahrimanism. It contains evolved ideas from Satan to Ahriman. This book also brings in an evolution into how we ritualize and the 13 Ahrimanic Steps of Faith. Within you will find it contains the Satanic and evolved Traditional Exorcism.

Ahrimani Enlightenment is our year long workbook that discusses issues of self-liberation and working into self-discovery. There are lesson built from the 13 Ahrimani Steps of Faith. This lessons are our core Lesser Magic concepts. Included are nightly rituals for self-discovery and self-transformation. These are deliberate steps designed to challenge the student to confront themselves and their internal fears. It also gives base techniques to work with Daeva closest to you and how to do ritual work. We also have short video lessons on the steps of faith on our YouTube channel to help supplement those who are with us physically.

Bible of Corruption is the mythos of Traditional Ahrimanism. I wrote the first part through the eyes of Angra Mainyu. Since Ahrimani Enlightenment contained dictionaries of the Persian and Vedic Hindu entities in the form of Daeva, information on middle and lessor “demons” was included. Hymns where placed within the book, revamped version of my rewrite of the Enochian Keys and final clergy rituals that include our wedding and funeral rites.

Current project is getting the Ahrimani Gathas and the Devil’s Yasna completed, and give an understanding on how Traditional Ahrimanism is used as a religion, philosophy, and a way of life.

SS:  Somewhere in your statement is a Hollywood movie, I’m sure (smiling).

Back to Martial Arts, please. My perception of Martial Arts is a ‘live and let live until someone fucks with you and keeps fucking with you’ belief. Is that primarily accurate? I’m just, I don’t want to interrupt you, but I simply cannot grasp that all of these groups and organizations and the sheeple in them have a ‘let’s love everyone- let’s love the world’ but goddamnit someone states that they’re a Satanist and unholy christ, these groups and organizations want to kill you deader than dead. That stated, how can your Martial Arts family reject your choice, AND, because to me, that is rejecting you, yes?

AD:  Money. Loss in students and money do to fear. Face it, people only care about themselves or what they have built. My religious preference threatened the Dojo’s money source, student base. In the end, its about money not relationships.

SS:  You stated your wife’s family “ …works around… ” your spirituality. Is this in such a way that your spirituality isn’t discussed or is it acknowledged in ways using humor? And please, what is your wife’s name if you wish to share?

AD:  Mobed  Kelsey Daniels is my wife. In general, her family avoids the topic. They will however babysit so that we can practice and have events. They just request prior knowledge to fit their schedules. They also ask for as much heads up as possible when public or media interviews occur.

SS:  Accepting Satan has had major life changes for some Satanists. Share with me if you will the Satanic changes that affected your life, especially with family and work?

AD:  Personally it has helped me to set goals and achieve what I want without having to care what sheep think. I lost my mother, brother, and grandparents over it, but they where quite a negative hurdle that held me back on many things. Work has an interesting twist when folks find out about me. I’ve been fired from several jobs for this and have sued and so forth. My wife decided to take the plunge with me and she has gotten out [*of] her self defeating cycles and is prospering quite well. I truly believe that Ahriman gives me the patience to deal with the fact that 2 of my 3 children are blessed with Autism, and have taught me much about the animal side of being human.

SS:  Before we proceed further, please accept my most sincere apologies on the shattered relationship that occurred with your family over your spirituality. My father has passed, but I myself have 5 siblings and a mother and I cannot remember the last time I spoke to any of them.

Please, share with us how your Satanic spirituality was initially discussed with your family and how,… please I can appreciate how difficult this is, but please how and when did you come to the conclusion that any semblance of a family relationship was permanently altered?

AD:  Throughout 2007 and part of 2008, I would discuss the different ideals found throughout core philosophy contained within the 5 books by Lavey, with my mother and grandfather. I obviously used misdirection and used that fact that was studying psychology as way to bring up these topics.

Then in late 2008, my uncle on my father’s side died. My aunt and uncle rejected my dad after my parents divorce because my dad was trying to replace us with another woman and her children. Even after my parents divorce, my aunt and uncle remained family with us along with my cousins. Anyway, my uncle’s death was quite a blow and Kelsey, my middle daughter, and I headed up to Chicago.

There was much grief and booze there. Then my mother shows up from Texas, and almost the entire time she was offering unsolicited advice on almost every topic she could think of. Anyway, I pulled my cousins both aside independently and explained things about Satanism as best I could because they kept asking about my tattoos and such. Plus I figured my younger cousin would find comfort in the Black Flame as I did. I was wrong, they couldn’t get beyond their Catholic up bringing, as my aunt is a proud Mexican Citizen still here on a green card for over 25 years.

Things got back to my mother, and I did my best to explain Satanism to a devout closed minded Catholic. My mother’s ego defense is take a conversation and make it a circular. Then one is stuck answering the same 3 to 4 questions over and over again in different ways. This is her cognitive dissonance. It was waste of time.

The day after I returned from that wonderful event, I went back to work. While I [was] coming home from my 45 min drive Kelsey calls me with tears because DHS and the local police are at my house. I hurried home, and by the time I got there the cops had been dismissed. Then I was left to attend with the social worker.

The questions and other information gathered from the social worker, it was quite obvious that my mother sent them to my house. At that point, I knew dealing with my family was no better than dealing with a Catholic Priest.

SS:  (stunned) Thank you Adam. Many of our readers will find assurance,… and hopefully a path to live from your words. With what you have now shared, I’m pained to ask this question, but still, everything you have been through as well as everything Satanism has gifted to you, do you feel a sense of loneliness with your spirituality?

AD:  No, I am by nature reclusive and only surround myself with select people. To be honest I wish I had more time to my self.

SS:  After reading my first LaVey book, my mind was so stressed from making sense of his writing style that I was burnt out and absolutely had trouble picking up a book to read for two months. You had mentioning the 5 books of Lavey, I presume you had read all of them and I must ask if you found laVey to be a difficult read?

AD:  Not at all, one must approach his work knowing that it is copy pasta with personal assertions inserted to drive the point in. The Satanic Witch was the most difficult because it was geared to women and was written in very domineering tone. In my opinion, The Devil’s Notebook was the best one written and had some actual occult knowledge that I was able to apply.

SS:  You mentioned your cousins asked questions about your tattoos. I am guessing you have particularly Satanic images. Would you mind describing these tattoos and please, what significance they bring to you?

AD:  The main one at the time is a tattoo on my left forearm, interior side. It is a horned demon with a noose in his left hand. The noose has Jesus’s head in it. His head has his eyes and mouth sewn shut and on his cheek as well. The demon’s right hand is resting on a wooden staff with a human skull on top.

It has multiple meanings. The most obvious is the Devil’s power is greater than Gawd’s. This is shown by the head in the noose, and it also shows that Gawd has been blinded and made dumb by the sewing of the eyes and mouth. The suture on the left cheek shows the weakness in turning the other cheek. The demon bears a brand of the pentagram on his forehead and his eyes are white shark eyes. Showing allegiance to the Devil. The skull headed staff represents mortality to immortal and the knowledge of the power to undue creation.

SS:  You have stated that, “Work has an interesting twist when folks find out… ” about you and that you have, “ …been fired from several jobs for this and have sued… ”. Two questions I wish you would address for me and the first question is about co-workers finding out about your spirituality. I imagine some co-workers (chuckling) at first look at you with terror, like you’re Mike Myers on a Halloween night (smiling), but also I am sure there were others that genuinely were interested and asked you in essence to enlighten them with Satanic doctrines and the like, yes?

AD:  If they didn’t already know, they are quite shocked and confused because I don’t meet the Hollywood standard of what a Satanist should look or act like. Those I worked with daily never really cared about it as time went on. The problems I ran across where bosses outside the daily environment and their bullshit. Yes, those who have asked, I spoke with them about it. Again, cognitive dissonance mixed with instilled fear creates a strange reaction and interaction.

SS:  My second question is being terminated for your religious beliefs. When your employers found out about your spirituality, how did they go after you and were you successful with your lawsuits against these employers?

AD:  On the State level with unemployment yes. Federally they gave my letter to sue. I could not find an attorney to press the suit. The second time I had been awarded unemployment and I am awaiting the EEOC.

SS:  What advice would you give to other Satanists that have been, well, unexpectedly discovered in the work force and are paying a price for that? What do they need to be aware of and what do they need to do to protect themselves, please?

AD:  The best thing is to explain to as many supervisors as possible what the religion is about with selective pieces of knowledge. In other words use pieces to dispel the cultural fears of Satanism, such as human/animal sacrificing, criminal activity, and hard drug use. Keep your religious beliefs private, still maintain them in thought and action. If rumors arise, learn the source and speak to supervisors about this and where they are coming from.

SS:  If a Satanist prefers to stay in the proverbial religious closet, do you believe it is only a matter of time before they are found out? I ask because certain aspects and lifestyle flairs are inherent to Satanism and hence not the probability, but the possibility, of being exposed, yes?

AD:  That possibility will always exist. Many a Pagan and homosexual have kept their secrets in the closed and died with them. As long as one remains mindful of their secret and doesn’t self-incriminate in anyway, I believe their secret will remain and the probability of exposure is very small indeed.

SS:  You certainly are involved in, well, may I call it the Satanic movement even though movement isn’t defining? Well, let me call it ‘Satanic Awareness’, yes? Let me start out first, I’ll get to my point in a bit, but first, what attracted you to Satanism?

Most Satanists seemingly are very content with staying hidden, or in the shadows unseen and being quiet. At what point or what incident or incidents happened in your life that you felt you needed to do more than be a silent Satanist?

AD:  Personally, I’m not content with bitching and complaining about things. I want change and I found no one else willing to pursue it. So, I decided to pursue it. The civil rights movement pushed by both Malcolm X and Martian Luther King had a profound effect on my mother, and thus that fascination became apart of my upbringing, plus Grandpa was a war vet from WWII and Korea. So I was taught from an early age that action was more important than idle words.

So, I learn of the many hardships of not only Satanist, but any other alternative religions created by the Catholic Church. I also had personal hardships with them and their ilk. So, I was in a stable position in life where no matter what they did, they had no power to stop me. I setup a victory in a fight they thought they could win because of their counter-productive pride of shutting Harvard down.

The bottom line is, was the Black Mass an act of Vengeance, partly yes. It was a building process, many events and reasons went into the plan. Timing was a huge issue, so actively waiting became a necessity. Gorilla warfare is how you take down an empire.

SS:  You have also stated that 2 of 3 of your children have autism and,… I do not have children of my own, so I cannot even pretend to imagine the challenges that may bring. Do you feel, please, do you feel that being a Satanist helps you to be a better father than if you were a catholic, christian, etc.? You have stated patience, but how? How do you equate being a Satanist and translating that into being a better father?

AD:  As a Satanist, one must come to understand their animal nature and accept it as a part of them selves. The Catholic or Christian deny that aspect of themselves and treat it as an illness or negative aspect. They fear the “beast” that is associated with the stigma of “sinful” behavior. This creates an internal stress that must be expressed in time and that expression can be damaging to self and others. A major issue arises when a parent projects this stress onto their children and expect their children to follow impossible rules that are against our animal nature. Thus the do as I say, not as I do confusion sets in. Then you add physical punishment to breaking those rules, and the emphatic emotion transmitted from parent to child is self-loathing. The Catholic/Christian religion feeds off and prospers from self-loathing. It reflected in their worship, example: save a wretch like me.

If one does remove themselves from this destructive cycle, they have already made strides into healthy parenting. If one should take the time to understand the animal nature of man, he learns what motivates different types of behaviors. So, when confronted with harmful actions by children whom are neurologically wired differently than most, different counter-actions are required to redirect the child. Some times it can be trying especially if the child can’t talk, like my oldest. In many ways, you become more akin to an animal trainer at times when you can’t figure out how to deal with a situation due to an inability to communicate. One must reflect on animal nature to either correct or defuse the situation and redirect to other behaviors. These folks are intelligent and like any other animal, will use lesser magic to redirect you to what they want as well. I have noticed that low to mid level autistic children, especially in adolescence like to use bullying tactics because care takers will not confront the behavior.

The other issue is repetition, and Autistic repetition can reflect textbook insanity. This also must be broken if the behavior is harmful. Example, when my oldest was around 18 months old, she would lick Reader’s Digest magazines. Do this for hours, and an abrasion formed on her nose. I figured it would be a self-correcting issue. It was not, and I had many arguments with my In-laws about them putting ointment on her nose. It got to the point that Reader’s Digest was removed from the house and we implemented spoons and the association of eating set in. This actually helped with feeding and eating more at meal times.

My daughter’s behavior is mild compared to other children, I could easily see a bumpkin or devout Catholic/Christian would view this as a possession. From this I could see all types of potential abuse situations not only from the parents and by the “Clergy” of agree parties in said possession theory. Then take these “Clergy” people’s histories into context…

SS:  Following the ‘man is an animal’, principle or the statement ‘man is an animal’ is quite Laveyan as well as scientific, but your spirituality bottom line is Theistic, Daeva Worshiper, yes or am I wrong and if so please set me straight?

AD:  The traditional understanding of Theistic Satanism in many ways has little to do with what we, Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, are doing.

We see the Devil as an equal that works in the spiritual realm. Just as Daeva can create change in the spiritual, so can we humans create change in the physical. Our practice is similar to the Vedic Hindu way.

The Daeva are dependent on our devotional energy to sustain themselves and [in] return they help influence reality in our favor. Easiest way to help explain this is with tantric sex. Through lust and sensuality, the brain has a break with reality and this allows for the conscious, subconscious, and collective consciousness to connect together.

This does 2 things, it allows for communication with the selected Daeva and give the adrenal energy to sustain that particular Daeva. Similar practices can also generate the communication with Daeva, such as ritual, meditation, and mantra practice.

Mantra practice is reciting the same “prayer” in repetition so many times a day. To help reference, Catholics praying the rosary. Main difference in within the volume and tone used during the mantra. We (Dakhma of Angra Mainyu) use this in mantras and when using the Enochian Keys.

To sum it up, its a coexistence with the Spiritual beings we work with as respected friends and sometimes as a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

SS:  Rainn Thomas, a nationally recognized Thesitic Satanist and Hearth Witch has stated how best we as Satanists on a personal level can interact with, serve and work with the, in my words Demon Angels and the ‘Ancient Ones’.

I state that because as you stated, “Just as Daeva can create change in the spiritual, so can we humans create change in the physical. Our practice is similar to the Vedic Hindu way.”

I hope I ask my question in a coherent format, but it seems to me from connecting her statements and yours, that Daeva Worshipping is only a very thin thread or thin veil away from a standardized Theistic Satanic doctrine of ‘Satan exists’ and ‘do what thou will’, but once over or through that thin veil, Daeva Worshipping is very structured and deep with ancient rituals and Sumerian narratives. Am I far off the idea?

AD:  Not sure on the whole Sumerian narratives thing. To be honest, I don’t understand your question. I have little study in Sumeria and its mythologies because the Mesopotamian cultural’s constant change do to conquering wars matching that of England makes it difficult to pin down a constant thread of mythological and religious understanding which is way I started in Zoroastrianism which lead to Vedic Hinduism.

SS:  (sighs) Oh I knew I’d destroy this question (smiling). I can get too complicated even when placing a drive through window order (smiling).

Kindly allow me to break my question into two parts so I don’t get too far away from my thoughts, please.

The Church of Ahriman beliefs are closely related to most Satanic doctrines on a theistic level, a thin veil, yes? Now no disrespect intended, but the differences that come into play are the worshipping of a Demon entity as in with the Church of Ahriman, versus, the worshipping of a God entity namely Satan, yes? (smiling) Have I broken it down into such an extreme that I am too far off base?

AD:  We have refiled and are now named Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. I believe the veil of which you speak is found in the mantra and hymn work associated with the path. Along with become personable with the Daeva you work closes with. The separation lies with in maintaining using mantra throughout the ritual vs as a calling device, and the placement of focus and devotional energy on the particular Daeva.

I think lost in translation somewhere is we readily accept the destructive chaotic nature of the Devil without needing a sense of comfort from his nature ie we understand that hate is a driving emotion that inspires versus love and coddling. You are your own god just as Angra Mainyu is as well, the force of Angra Mainyu is convicted in hate and destruction that goads overwhelming chaos.

This is to be respected not feared, just understand the nature of antithesis vs adversary. Which has a different power base and has a higher energy field that requires subconscious reaction when working with it because it will try to overwhelm you as well. Do note, the term Satan is a title not an entity.

SS:  I apologize as in my notes are The Church of Ahriman and now you have renamed the church, Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. I apologize for being slow on the comprehension of the name change.

Now, getting back to my next question, are the worshipping standards, practices and rituals within the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu far more developed and proficient versus the standard, practices and rituals of even the basic tenets of Theistic Satanism?

It begs the question because of the ancient history, case in point the historical stone icons associated with Angra Mainyu also named Ahriman, versus, basic Satanism whose spiritual doctrines and tenets scream the Thelemic philosophy of “Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole Of The Law”, yes?

AD:  The Thelemic Philosophy has no place with us. The base concept of finding balance between both light and darkness gives us nothing that we desire. We are the darkness that destroys the light. One must the balance in the eye of the storm, and direct all things from. I was warned years ago that a complete immersion into chaos would destroy me and I could not survive and needed a counter balance. These folks never understood is the principles within Aikido that teaches one to blend and direct the chaos that comes. As long as the principles are used, which are quietly found throughout Traditional Ahrimanism, there should be little to no back lash that can not be handled. Major understanding in Japanese Culture is the mystery of bamboo. The ability to maintain integrity while softly moving with the chaos of the storm. Hold that lesson dear and the move into becoming the great storm of destruction. There is no need to break your nature, that remains as your personal bamboo.

SS:  Your statement, “ …its a coexistence with the Spiritual beings we work with as respected friends and sometimes as a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”, sounds almost like a Santeria philosophy. Is Daeva Worshipping a Santeria based philosophy? After all, Daeva are ancient entities, ancient spirits, yes?

AD:  No, Santeria is a Catholic infusion with a primitive ethnic tribe based religion. The universal concepts of tribe religion of polytheism, animal sacrifice, and communion with the spirits in the form of possession do to hypnotic dance or rituals is within the scope of Vedic Hinduism, yes. The main focus of sacrifice was centered around the fire ceremonies because they started in a nomadic sense. Once cities where established, temples where built things began altering and evolving. This is seen in the development of mantras where you see the separation of possession into a communication with gods by intoning words repetitively to create a trance state that allows for this communication in the form of internal visions exchanged between an individual and the god of focus in the mantra. The Vedic hymns give the devotional energy in song and also tell a story about that particular Deva.

SS:  Do you incorporate multiple Satanic doctrines and belief systems into your Daeva spiritual belief system as well as your Daeva worshipping rituals?

AD:  I include all doctrines and beliefs that have shown to be useful in some regard. Many things I use are in Vedic Hinduism but are found reflected in the occult workings of Rudolf Steiner in which comes from the Golden Dawn and the Thule Society predating the Nazi take over which turned the Thule Society into the SS. Steiner’s split from the Thule is moving away from the Tibet Buddhism and into Vedic Hinduism with Zoroastrian overtones. The Vedas have influence some the most revolutionary thinkers such as Voltaire, Henry David Thoreau, and Pythagoras to name a small few. Whether the ideas are Satanic or not, if it shows worthy as a “tool” it will be investigated and used in practice if shows practical use into our religious and spiritual practice.

SS:  Adam, please name 5 things you miss that you used to do or enjoyed doing that, now as a Satanist, you can no longer do or enjoy, because of Satanism?

AD:  Teaching Aikido at my old dojo. They removed me because of my religion. Beyond that, I have always been a hardheaded asshole that pretty much does what he wanted. I guess visit my grandparents as well. I’m out in the open and always have been.

SS:  (laughing) Adam my friend, you certainly for sure are out in the open (laughing) that is for sure (chuckling)! Becoming a Daeva Worshiper and coming into the Satanic spirituality has closed some of life’s doors and opportunities to you, but certainly must have opened other doors and opportuniteis for you as well, yes? Share with me some of the ‘bliss’ in life that you experienced, before becoming a very public national figure.

AD:  About this time last year, I got a full spectrum camera. This is a camcorder used in paranormal investigations. Kelsey and I used to record rituals of summoning Caoco Demons in Enochian Magic. Instead of opening the 30 Aethers we summoned the 57 demons. We took video evidence and kept notebooks that were individual and independent. We kept those written logs and a picture/video log on a 64gig thumb drive. Upon review of the videos, along with pausing the video to take screen shots, that where moved into paint, this allowed us to highlight orbs, moving mists, and other phenomena.

We also have a bad habit of recording our ritual activity. We always go through these with fine tooth combs. Its always a joy to catch weird things in the mirrors or around people.

I guess the biggest joy I get is from taking things I’ve read and contemplated, then assessed and applied successfully in a ritual. Same applies to application in lesser magic as well.

SS:  You have essentially stated that spiritual things you have read, contemplated and then these things you have applied, may I call them ‘tools’? Applied these tools, and now using my own words, created and or enhanced these tools into a successful ritual, yes?

AD:  In many rituals that we have done, some are done repeatedly. Currently I am working on what I’m calling the Devil’s Yasna. This will become our core weekly ritual that will instill our liturgy into ourselves and members.

It will reflect the Zoroastrian Yasna in that maintaining the mantra practice throughout the ritual. The Yasna is their priests way of preparing themselves to commune with god. The Devil’s Yasna will concern itself in preparing us to go out and do the Devil’s work.

Meaning to empower and embolden us to work on achieving our personal, spiritual, and group goals.

SS:  All of that said, with so many Satanic doctrines out there, how does a new Satanist know what direction to take? What and where is the real Satanic truth?

AD:  The term “truth” is subjective in itself. Then you use the pretext Satanic, which is subjective to the individual. I suggest researching the different types of LHP. Go with the one that talks to you on a personal level. So long as you are working on changing yourself in a discipline that reflects what you wish to become, continue on the path. I think any LHP should challenge the practitioner to confront themselves and grow religiously, spiritually, and in the worldly.

Its subjective to each individual, so long as you aren’t headed toward self-destruction because of the path, work it. If they don’t like what is available, create what it is you are looking for. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

SS:  (smiling) I completely agree, but of course I cannot leave this alone (smiling).

Creating a Satanic and personal spiritual doctrine that is ‘right’ for the Satanist searching for reason and understanding in their reality can be considered what I call, ‘cherry picking your faith’ and also falls under the umbrella, “Do What Thou Will” which I completely follow. Organized religions have been doing this since beginning of time.

All of that stated, I ask you, is there no truth in religion? What is real? If religion, especially a Satanic religion, doesn’t discipline us and place limitations upon our passions, then what is the point?

AD:  In my opinion, religion should be a source of comfort, inspiration, discipline and embolden. I use discipline in a Eastern sense. Meaning following the tenets or principles allows a structure at first, then it leads into personal freedom because you have the beginner’s mind with the master’s knowledge. Through this, the religion should provide all other concepts mentioned above.

SS:  And at what point would you suggest the new Satanist adopt various principles, if any, from differing Satanic doctrines into their own Satanic belief and worshipping ‘system‘??

AD:  The only thing I can suggest is to research the doctrine and set to see if fits into what each individual is doing. If it does, gradually work it into what your doing. Putting a new thread into your blanket should be done with time and patients.

SS:  Truth is truth and it never changes, yes? So is it fair to the Satanic religion if a Satanist at any point in their life, changes or picks and chooses what they want to spiritually believe in?

AD:  No, truth is subjective. If one is dedicated to a particular path, it is highly suggested to learn about other paths that are within the way. There is always knowledge to be gained in all things. One of the beauties of Satanism is it individual adaptation for each person. If they find more truth and prosperity in one form or technique than another, then they have right to use it. Its their practice, whom am I to dictate to any one person what is best for them, they must discover it on their own. Its like this, I show you 1 corner of a square. Then you bring back the other 3 corners. In Satanism, its up to the individual to discover that corner and bring back the other 3 corners to themselves. Should a person join my church, I am merely a guide. The person still teaches themselves with me as guide along the path, they must do the work themselves.

SS:  (laughing) Well here we go with philosophy from the ages (smiling).

You had stated that truth is subjective. Would it be fair to also state that there is no right and there is no wrong and that ‘what is’ is also subjective?

AD:  Nothing is sacred and everything is permitted. Truth is what an individual thinks it is and it also can evolve or break down. We wake up to new perceptions everyday. Without a cycle of creation and destruction, a person will never acclimatize what their person’s truth is. Again, evaluate all pieces before making a decision.

SS:  Adam, how does an individual go about joining your church and what can they expect from the ceremonies and rituals that you perform?

AD:  We start with a meet and greet in a public place. If folks are interested, we start them in a 6 weeks course. This covers the basic material that introduces them to the new mythologies and ritual thinking. If they wish to continue, they perform the Self-dedication ritual. After that they sign paper work and a tithing agreement. Then they move into the Year long work book and the classes and rituals that go forth with it. In 4-6 months in they receive their exorcism of the “holy” spirit.

SS:  It is apparent that the student will learn much from joining Dakhma of Angra Mainyu and also become involved and develop and grow spiritually. It’s fantastic, but I have to wonder about the individuals that after a while get complacent.

You stated, “In Satanism, its up to the individual to discover that corner and bring back the other 3 corners to themselves.” What of the Satanist that isn’t motivated or consciously unable to discover themselves or life philosophies through Satanism. Well, what if they don’t? What of them?

AD:  Alone in the dark they stand.

SS:  Touching back upon ghost hunting. One of my greatest joys and I take it very, very seriously is ghost hunting and my next one planned is the evening of November 21 2014, this Friday.

Please, just between you and I (smiling) and our readers, specifically share some of the experiences you have had while ghost hunting, please, if you care to?

AD:  I have never ghost hunted, and just use their tools to help record what I’m doing with my occult experiments. Some day I may have interest in doing so.

SS:  I see, my mistake and I apologize. I simply presumed and made the connection of recording rituals to hunting ghosts outside of that. Well, nothing to see here, so lets move on (chuckling).

You are the leader of / member of a theistic church dedicated to the Persian Devil Ahriman. Please, kindly explain whom the Persian Devil Ahriman is?

AD:  Angra Mainyu (Ahriman) is the Antithesis to Ahura Mazda (Yahweh). Per Zoroastrian lore, God and the Devil are twin brothers. Zurvan is the father for both, and Zurvan wanted a son. As Zurvan began sacrificing the essence of the universe (Parusha) he began to have build self doubt.

As Ahura Mazda grew within the womb, so did Angra Mainyu, who was created through Zurvan’s self doubt. Zurvan promised the kingdom to the first born. Ahriman ripped himself out, Zurvan grabbed Ahriman by the throat and said, “Thou art dark and stinky. You are not my son.” Then cast Ahriman across the universe that was created by Ahriman ripping his way out.

This starts the dualistic spiritual war between order and chaos. Everything that Ahura Mazda created, Angra Mainyu counter-created to bring about destruction of the good creation.

Through this, Angra Mainyu chose to free man from the enslavement from Ahura Mazda because Angra Mainyu wished to corrupt or take the essence that Ahura Mazda uses to create. The weaker Ahura Mazda is, the closer Angra Mainyu comes to reclaiming the kingdom he rightfully is born for. If the game is for souls, then freeing the people from Ahura Mazda and allowing man to vex Ahura Mazda through Evil Thought, Evil Speech, and Evil Action.

SS:  What I am getting from that is chaos is good and pure as it is what puts order into place. Is that a fair statement? Would you agree with me?

AD:  Chaos is what rips order apart so that a rebuilding process can occur. It can only be in parts or can occur to the whole in general. Pure is a good term, the term I would use is impartial. Chaos can cause all sorts of atrocities, just as order, within chaos there is no judgment. I see it as, if the order is being torn a shred by chaos, then the order has already been found detrimental to those it is serving.

SS:  You had mentioned, “Chaos is what rips order apart so that a rebuilding process can occur. It can only be in parts or can occur to the whole in general.” I myself practice Satanic Black Magic and I have had results utilizing Black Magic and taking steps upon steps, or ‘in parts’ to achieve a desired result, even if that desired result takes months to manifest.

As our readers and I are coming to understand Daeva Worshipping, I must ask, what are your beliefs and practices toward Black Magic rituals and spells including Binding Spells? Am I wrong or that is what Daeva Worshiping is partially about, yes?

AD:  Black Magic is nothing more than magic used selfishly. I look upon our system of magic as sorcery. Using spells or magical undertakings to show the Daeva an example as to what you want do as a way to communicate with them is perfectly fine. Ritual wording is to bring them to you and opening both the conscious and subconscious minds so that the visual communication can occur. The words should match the visions. Then an offering should be given.

For example, if you wish to bind an individual, an item that may represent this person can be bound with string, metal rods, and or wire. If you do this action and envision the binding you want done while maintaining focus on the Daeva of choice (continue intoning), this communicates the desired outcome and task for the Daeva to accomplish.

SS:  You certainly are involved in, well, may I call it the Satanic movement even though movement isn’t defining? Well, let me call it ‘Satanic Awareness’, yes? Let me start out first, I’ll get to my point in a bit, but first, what attracted you to Satanism?

AD:  As explained before, it helped me to realize that the RHP just wished for you to suffer, and then pay for absolution.

SS:  Ok, that attracted you or caught your attention, but why aren’t others, of any non – Satanic religion, finding a Satanic spiritual path more for them than their current religion? Why aren’t others, especially those whom call themselves christian and are anything but, realizing they are actually a Satanic individual in nature?

AD:  Good question. Most folks raised into and continuously programmed to work within the religion they grew up in. They are indoctrinated and taught to fear things outside their religion. Then they are constantly bombarded with subconscious reinforcement with that religion through radio, tv, newspapers, friends, family, internet, social media etc. It requires a strong sense of individuality to separate from the herd and become isolated by ones own will.

SS:  Yes, I completely agree, but I call them programmed sheeple (smiling) and yes their environment is bombarded with bullshit reinforcements, but couldn’t Satanists wave a magick wand or do a cleansing ritual or something magical and Satanic to mysteriously change their actions and beliefs and lifestyle and thoughts? They are sheeple so it should be easy to open their eyes, yes?

AD:  No, you are contending with a deep rooted subconscious “truth.” If one of these folks is willing to be [led] away they must empty their cup. [They] must first work on deprogramming their subconscious and uproot the false teaching. This is done in multifaceted ways. People must replace their media consumption with the ideals they wish to instill. Meaning, change the material they are reading, music they listen to, tv/movies they watch, and learn to put down/shut off the popular reinforcement they deal with on a daily basis. They must approach ritual as a tool to refill their cup. The practice of ritual forces people to confront their animal natures and the irrational fears implanted into their subconscious mind. The biggest hurdle that people have is the fear of going to Hell. Once they surpass this fear, they usual can move forward down the rabbit hole. If, they can’t get past that hang up, they will return to the herd.

SS:  But a spell could get them to begin questioning their beliefs, yes?

AD:  Anything that introduces doubt and vexes an individual to think outside the paradigm of religious belief they live in, are the tools of the Devil.

SS:  (smiling) And I pray may we both have a backyard shed filled with those tools.

Adam, how do you believe Hell to be?

AD:  The only models of Hell are found in Dante Aligihieri’s Inferno and the Arda Viraf. Other fictional work that can be considered is H P Lovecraft tales as well.

If you look into Yazidism, when Melek Taus entered Hell, the suffering hurt so bad that his tears extinguished the fires of Hell. Then looking to how the Watch Towers are set up in Enochian Magic with 30 Aethers that descend into the pit, gives several scenarios of what Hell has the potential in being.

Abyss is a term used for Hell, which means the bottomless gulf, pit, or chaos of the old cosmogonies. The movie Abyss was certainly a great influence of my perception of Hell.

To me, Hell is a watery abyss with multiple layers and multiple entities encompassed within tumultuous chaos. You will learn to sink or swim per-se. I also believe it is like the Japanese Buddhist concept of Bardo. This is the life between lives, the holding area between lives as one awaits reincarnation.

Just as humans have plans, so do the spiritual beings and this provides a time of review one’s life. I take the Al-Jiwah seriously and believe that Ahriman will send us back as many times as He sees fit, and I am willing to do so on His behalf.

I do not believe it be a place of torture or judgment but a place of rest and reflection.

SS:  What do you consider to be Evil?

AD:  Any type of enslavement that uses forced attrition to create a sense of self-degradation. An ideology that places a person as a unworthy cur and forces it upon their internal psyche so that they are malleable and unquestioning.

SS:  What is your definition of Satan?

AD:  I believe the Devil is a spiritual being that is equal to myself. Ahriman works in the unperceived reality as a destructive chaotic being, and is an antithetical counter-creationist.

SS:  Please, what is your definition of jesus and do you believe he was a real person whom existed?

AD:  Jesus is based on the Zoroastrian Mithra. Mithraism traveled from Persia to Rome. I have zero belief in the traditional understanding of what the Catholic Church projects as their “savior.” Mithra is nothing more than a primitive redefinition of the Sun/Son God, where his equivalent Moon God is Vishnu. The Moon God Vishnu is the one and only St Arch-Angel Micheal. Based on celestial understanding of the Sun and Moon being the eyes of the creator Gawd, yes I believe these to be examples of our spiritual enemies.

SS:  Is Satan and Lucifer the same?

AD:  If Satan is a title, then logic prevails as yes. In other words, you’re saying the Adversarial King Lucifer. Which coincides perfectly with the Catholic understanding of their adversary in maintenance with their Roman pantheon. I believe that Melek Taus or Shaytan to be a more precise interpretation of Lucifer because he didn’t bow down to man, but at the same time he extinguished the fires of Hell with his tears. Thus he is a being of both light and darkness, and is the adversary to Gawd. He works in accordance with Ahriman (Satan) in the continuance to free mankind from enslavement and persecution by the righteous.

SS:  In your opinion, what Hollywood movies most resemble a black mass?

AD:  I can’t even begin to think of a movie that portrays a ritualized spiritual attack against Gawd by proclaiming the dominion of the Devil over this world. The only movie that comes to mind in any form would be the Ninth Gate, but that lacks the defined protocol established by my previous statement.

SS:  (smiling) Please forgive me, but while we are on the topic, what kind or type of movies do you enjoy?

AD:  I’m an avid fan of the antihero. For example, Gladiator with Russel Crow. I find the darker antihero more appealing in saying John Milton in the Devil’s Advocate and Rorschach from the Watch Men. I also enjoy chaotic villains, the newest Joker from the Dark Knight and Deacon Frost from the first Blade movie. In all actuality, the greatest movie (In my opinion) is the Sword of Doom. Its a 1966 Japanese film based on old woodblock stories from Tokugawa Shogunate. Mifune was an excellent actor who also starred in other Japanese films. He did an excellent job bringing across Musashi in the Trilogy about Musashi.

To simplify your question, its based on characters and the plot within story, genre isn’t important to me.

SS:  Adam, is Satanism growing nationally and Internationally?

AD:  The presence of Satanic literature is on both scales. As far as a philosophy or religion, I assume yes. The question in my mind is, how many actually understand it and live by it? This is true of all religions and philosophies, and I believe that to many people try to bring in Black Metal and violent Hollywood imagery into the religion/philosophy. I call these folks lay satanists.

As far as those whom understand the way, are few and far between. I do believe there is a slow rise there.

SS:  In your opinion, how many Satanists are there existing nationally and internationally, that are hiding or public with their spirituality, but are indeed spiritually dedicated to Satanism in one form or another?

AD:  Nationally, I say 10000-20000, Internationally, I say 350,000.

SS:  What makes someone Evil?

AD:  The denial of ones animal nature and the retention of expressing angst in a healthy way.

SS:  Is Evil inherent in humanity and If so, why do humans attempt to act or behave in a ‘civilized’ or ‘non evil’ manner?

AD:  I think we are tribal in nature. This means that the tribe works together to accomplish goals and needs of the tribe. Other people or predators outside the tribe are fair game. Organized religion replaced that concept with the universal family concept. Thus attempting to destroy that familial tribe instinct which intrinsically attacks the human core with incomprehensible need to love this universal family.

I believe civilized behavior should be in reflection of the individual that you are faced with in individual situation. I believe that this universal love concept was developed to control the large masses in expanding cultures that did not have the man power to control the many with the few.

Thus, religious ideological oppression was born to effectively enslave the population into benefiting the rulers. The stifling of hatred will explode and that is where Lex Talionis should come in as law but does not. This can be seen in the most recent wave of chaos in Ferguson.

SS:  Adam, do you believe an evil mankind can inherently save itself or destroy itself?

AD:  It will have to destroy itself before can save itself. The indoctrination of the RHP is globally followed by the mass majority of the population. Thus a cleansing of that perverted and pervasive ideology must be physically smashed out of the minds of man to bring about liberation of humanity from cruel slave master.

SS:  Adam, earlier you had stated that Black Magic is magic that is used selfishly, yes? It begs the question, can Evil energy be used for both black and white magic?

AD:  The will of the magician should remain in selfish terms. That being said, does it not benefit me to heal or help those I surround myself with. Calling upon destructive chaotic energy can be used to protect, heal, or even instill power.

To destroy a tumor is a form of healing. Surround a love one with chaos keeps things away. I say, it is in the Will of the Magician as to whether the energy is beneficial or detrimental to the intended target. Your magic is always black because it is always used for selfish purposes.

SS:  In your view, does the magician or practitioner need the magic circle and triangle to call up or summon Demons?

Forgive me for asking as I hope you aren’t offended by my question as we haven’t focused much on magic, black or white, and where we stand on these issues, but you are very well read and indeed within your church have rituals of a Satanic nature, if I may kindly frame my statement in this regard.

So I apologize if I offend you, but I must ask you if, in your view, does the magician or practitioner need the magic circle and triangle to call up or summon Demons?

AD:  I am passionately against using any form of magical protection of the spiritual beings I work with. The circle of protection or containment along with a magical trap such as a triangle are just out right disrespectful to both the self and the being. That does not include if I’m going to trap an Angelic Being that is to be destroyed and the energy offered up to the ones I work with. I also work my magic in a 3 dimensional undertaking.

If I choose to use protection or healing magic I will use the Hindu Dikpala, which is calling in guardian Daeva to encompass the chamber in a sphere of energy. The eight directions along with above and below. They create the sphere of energy to be conducive to my will. In an offensive magic, I’d rather create the cone of energy centered over the altar so that when it disperses into the Aether, it creates a more direct shot onto the intended target.

The summoning process is done through atonement and using a clear quartz covered in menses fluid to call and attract said being. The quartz crystal rest next to the altars bare vagina.

SS:  I must state this as a Satanist. You are exceptionally, exceptionally well read and very highly intelligent. Your church members are very fortunate to have you as an instructor, a leader, and a mentor.

Personally, I value intelligence and patience and allowing the Sun, Moon, and Stars to,… well,… ah, move as they will and through this interview I see so much balance in you and to my surprise (chuckling) peace inside of you. You are truly an exceptional church leader, or,… ah,… I should state Dastur for your church, but you’re also a terrific person. (smiling) A really cool guy.

Now, as I have read from an NBC radio and television affiliate, you and your wife are working to get a monument to Satan erected at the Oklahoma State Capitol next to the ten commandments or did I misread the article (Smiling)?

AD:  Doug Mesner asked me to help by signing the application as a resident of Oklahoma. I refused, but Kelsey did decide to sign the application to help the efforts of the Baphomet Monument. As it stands, the Commission is in a moratorium and is not dealing with any applications till the 10 Commandments law suite is resolved. Since it was knocked down, who knows what is happening with it.

SS:  Why did you refuse to sign the petition?

AD:  First reason, Doug Mesner showed me his ignorance of the satanic community through a series of phone calls. Due to the bullshit we dealt with in helping other satanists, no way. Then once I found out The Satanic Temple was nothing more website and that they where supposed to be based out of New York and Doug lived in Cambridge, Mass showed me he was a coward hiding behind multiple veils of bullshit. His thing was a political group not a religious organization.

SS:  But now you are involved with this project. Why? What changed?

AD:  I’m involved because I support my wife’s decision. As the public face it is up to me to uphold decisions made by my board, whether I agree with them or not. The idea of attacking and enforcing the separation of church and state is noble, and I will always support that because I wish not to live in a Catholic dominated theocracy.

SS:  Where in development does that project currently stand?

AD:  It is in limbo as far as we know. I did send an email to Brenda Hicks say 3 weeks ago. I still await a response.

SS:  (smiling big)Sounds like politicians are waiting to see how their local votes would swing inside such a sticky political issue. When you first told people on the local or state level of government you wanted to erect a monument statue to Satan, how did they react? And, I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I’m thinking of you speaking to them on the telephone, but now that I’m thinking of it, I am sure you also wrote letters, so did all of your letters get answered and your telephone calls returned? How were you treated (smiling)?

AD:  Doug Mesner of the Satanic Temple started the project. He emailed me. I have spoke to Brenda on the phone twice and had email exchange with her as well. They act like most folks who are scared and nervous. We have been making waves down here since 2010.


NOTE: After this interview was conducted, Adam and his wife publicly withdrew their support for this project, The Oklahoma City Baphomet / Satanic Monument.

SS:  My god, when you first started out in this, what were you thinking (laughing)?

AD:  Fuck the world.

SS:  (laughing) I am so right on with that (smiling)!

Having a Satanic Church, well, may I call it Satanic as actually, it is quite specifically defined, yes? In the start of our interview together you described your church’s belief system, but, how would you define, join, or even separate your church with regards to Satanism and a Satanic doctrine? Where in the spectrum does it belong and fit in?

AD:  To be honest, I’m not sure where we fit within the Satanic Paradigm. Since we have little inheritance to Jewish or Christian title of Satan, we find ourselves in a unique area within the LHP. Angra Mainyu is the model that Judaism and Christianity base their concepts of Satan on in its original form.

Then Angra Mainyu became a split personality into what most know as Satan-Lucifer. Satan was reduced to the Greek God Pan and Lucifer was a concept brought about by Julius Caesar. The Catholics butchered the story of how all of Order’s powers to include Zurvan , to imprison the Devil in Hell. Into the fallen angel concept of Lucifer and Lucifer being the Devil.

Most Satanism works with these concepts, where we do not. I guess we are an evolution into the Spiritual practice of the LHP returning to an original form of knowledge produced by an antithetical force dedicated to the destruction of the “righteous” way of life. I guess we have our own Oasis in the vast confusing streams.

SS:  Having a Satanic Church and performing various functions as a Satanic Church in the community, how has that affected, not the xianist’s spiritual beliefs, but how has that affected their tolerance for co-existing with differing spiritual doctrines, mainly yours?

AD:  The Catholic Church’s response should have been a clue. I forced tolerance because they could only blow hot air at me as I mocked and blasphemed them. I guess we shall see how future activities and events are dealt with by them.

SS:  Dakhma of Angra Mainyu fully supports organizations such as ‘Feed The Children’ and autism and rape awareness. I personally wish to thank you for your efforts in all venues of your work here. Please, would you like to comment on these issues?

AD:  These issue are personal to each of the clergy. Even though negative connotations are flung about like shit, we believe that these issues effect people on all levels of life. The more awareness to them, creates a healthier environment for all.

SS:  Please, how did the public and now famous Oklahoma City Black Mass first become an idea?

AD:  I wanted to do the Black Mass in 2010, instead of the Satanic Exorcism. I was voted out on that one. In, 2012 we did an Apostasy Ritual which was ignored. Then in May, I watched the Catholic Church shut the Satanic Temple down at Harvard. I was quite pissed off at this, the fucking bullies won again. I refused to allow this disgrace to happen. I talked to my clergy that night, and we moved forward from there.

SS:  Please, what do you believe made the difference between your having a Black Mass and Harvard being shut down?

AD:  It showed that there are those in the LHP community that are fucking tired of the Catholic Church’s bulling tactics. Even if they shut down a group we held malice toward, I believe we still would had moved forward. It was one of those put your money where your mouth is moments. If we are to be the Antithesis, we better start acting like it.

I think we produced a stronger impact because we are Theistic in nature. We tried our damnedest to have the Press refer to us as Devil Worshipers. I guess in the end, Satanism was a strong word of power for them.

To return to the original question, the Black Mass at Harvard had no legal backing, meaning the Satanic Temple is not a filed entity and since they where going through a student based group on the campus, this left many weaknesses opened to be exploited and of course the Catholic Church did. I’m sure there where many underhanded and back door deals to shut that down.

This shows signs to me that the organizers up there had little to no understanding of the enemy and the power they can yield. Thus showing a general lack of understanding of what they were doing, the impact of the offense, and counter-productive pride displayed by those in charge. This in turns shows that the Catholic Church is still ran like an empire within an empire and they execute any and all tools to cut out what they call an enemy.

This is why an adversary has no way to contend with this, thus it takes an antithesis. As a side note, picking a war with an organization, such as the Catholic Church, even out of jest, is like throwing a rotten egg on the king’s face.

SS:  Did you have any political resistance initially, when you started asking City Hall the ‘how to’s’ and permit options available for a public Black Mass?

AD:  Hell No (laughing). We are a legally filed not-for-profit-church. Since the Civic Center hosts church services for a Christian Church every Sunday, they were put on the horns of a dilemma. Grant us a contract or get sued. Just that simple.

SS:  Adam, would you have sued them to have the Black Mass?

AD:  Most definitely. I’m sick of this invasion of politics and religion being inter-meshed with lobbing elect officials by religious organizations. This type of undermining the government caused the fall of Rome, and I believe it will eventually cause the U.S. to fall as well. Our founding fathers were not Christian and refused to allow this country to become a theocracy. Just know the Catholic Church is always working toward that goal.

SS:  As I see it, two major components of the public outcry from the Black Mass was The Black Mass itself, and second, the consecrated eucharist host. Why was the consecrated eucharist host a part of the Black Mass Ritual?

AD:  It never was, the Catholic’s believed we did and were having such a fit about it, we egged them on.

SS:  I don’t believe using a consecrated eucharist host within a Black Mass isn’t illegal, is it? So is it possible we can hear about one being used in a future Black Mass?

AD:  Its not illegal, they just tried to build a case stating that we stole it. This was legal posturing to try to shut down the Black Mass. They figured the Mayor would stop the Mass if a lawsuit was in place. Since my attorney was Muslim, he wanted to know if the ritual needed it, and it did not.

So, to keep from a long draw out court battle and wasting money because the catholic attorney was working pro bono, it would be most humiliating to give them one of the fake ones that we where practicing with. The Catholics had no way to prove consecration, and to admit that we never had one on NightLine was the final mockery.

SS:  Were there any secret and sidelined political supporters, people in local government, silently encouraging you and offering helpful and true advice?

AD:  No comment.

SS:  (smiling) I wouldn’t answer the question either (smiling), but I have to believe someone, especially one or more fraternal organizations in the community, in one way or another, provided some sense of direction, guidance and support, yes?

AD:  The only support I had was those closest to me and a few friends I have outside my church. I bared everything they threw at me and only consulted my board in most decisions. The rest were made on my own. The Atheists got involved on their own volition, and they never defended me, they only defended my right to do so. I lost several contacts because of the Black Mass.

SS:  The situation certainly showed whom was in and whom was out. Why did you lose several contacts over the Black Mass and not over the other church community functions that were performed?

AD:  The stigma created by the lies that where associated with us by the Catholic Church. To include that we where the reason for 11 missing persons that where to be used as a sacrifice at the Black Mass. I was also slandered by being called a serial killer and my wife was a whore to lead in victims of this mass murdering. I believe people wished to disassociate themselves because of these rumors.

SS:  Because of the Black Mass, have you gained supporters, in particular, local supporters?

AD:  More from Canada and England and small amounts from Italy and Sri Lanka.

SS:  What challenges come with accepting new church members into your church, especially if they are new to Daeva Worship?

AD:  You never know people’s agenda. More times than not, new people come in thinking they can take over because I truly believe in those who speak do not know and those who know do not speak. I really don’t communicate with new folks because I’m observing them. This gives people a false sense that I’m stupid and shows me their intentions.

SS:  Please, how many members does your church, Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, currently have?

AD:  14 physical and around 50 internet.

SS:  As the leader of your church, what are your biggest challenges?

AD:  Finishing the religion traditions. Motivating and delegating people on tasks that I don’t have time for. I like to do it all myself. Organizing public events as well.

SS:  Your life is filled with some of the most amazing accomplishments and experiences. Up to this point, How do you define your life?

AD:  Chaotic!

SS:  Are you a happy person inside?

AD:  In general, yes.

SS:  What does the future hold for you, your church members and your church?

AD:  We will continue to press forward and continue the religious and spiritual war against the RHP.

SS:  How can someone find your church’s website?


SS:  Adam, please, if someone wants to get in touch with you, how may they do this?

AD:  Call me at 4058824470 or email me at

SS:  Dastur Adam Daniels, Thank you very, very kindly for your time and sharing with us. For me this has been an absolutely incredible moment. Genuinely I thank you.

AD:  I truly appreciate the opportunity to share and reflect on these issues with those who are my peers and like minded individuals. Your questions are wonderful and precisely thought out to challenge my intellect and understanding beyond what any mundane could begin to understand. I graciously thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

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