Catholic Malice


During the 3 month media debacle that was advocated and pushed by the Catholic Church in hopes of stopping the Black Mass of Oklahoma, there were many behind the scenes dirty foul tricks that they tried to pull.  The one that sickens me worst is the situation that with my very own mother.  Please allow me to give a little background information about the abusive relationship that I used to have with my mother, which is now permanently destroyed because she cared more for the Catholic Church than she does for her son or granddaughters.  To make the long story short, I was a mistake, there were very few days that I wasn’t reminded of this, and I was always the target for negativity and anger.  After my parents divorce, my brother would endure the physical abuse and I would endure both of their psychological abuse.  I did have a sanctuary of sorts, my grandparents home, so long as neither one of them were there.

As time continued, for those of you whom are aware, at the age of 13 I would have succeeded in committing suicide.  The problem was my father found me in time so that a blood transfusion could occur in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  Obviously I was admitted to the adolescent psych ward.  Things went south from there and I was eventually transferred to a residential treatment center outside of Houston, Texas.  I will say that I was abandoned by my father because he told my mother that I was broken goods and he was never looking back.  Since then, I’ve seen him twice.  So, upon release I was released to my mother’s care.  Needless to say our relationship continued the way it always was, accept she was now married to a Catholic and was one herself.

Moving forward, about a year before my Uncle’s funeral in 2008, I would have discussions with my mother.  By this point she and my stepfather moved to Austin, Texas.  I would discuss different aspects of Laveyan Satanism without making her aware that was where the topics came from.  She agreed with a vast majority of it.  We both agreed that these where life principles that instilled in her by grandpa and instilled in me by both of them.  Then, at my uncle’s funeral, I revealed to her where these topics where coming from and she then had the Hell talk.  Then, the day after my return from that wonderful event, here come DHS with police officers at my door while I’m at work.  Obliviously, the Police and DHS left empty handed and closed the case.  Upon confronting my grandmother, she affirmed that my mother had made the false fraudulent report.

With this brief overview, it should be easy to see why my relationship with my mother was quite tattered.  The Saturday before the Most Reverend Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley sued myself and the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, out of the fucking blue my mother calls Kelsey’s cell phone.  Kelsey relayed this information to me after work, and I reluctantly returned the phone call that destroyed every care I every had for her.  My mother is slightly above average intelligence except when it comes to math, and it was gut wrenching when I could tell by her voice that a plan had been set in motion by an outside source.  Either way, after she picked up, she put me on 3 way call with my grandfather and brought him into this mess.  I gave my grandfather the respect he deserved and listen to everything he had to say.  He told me that majority of my extended family was at their house in Missouri; these where family members whom are overly Christian but not Catholic.  He wished I was there with family and that same old bullshit Christians use to foster an air of acceptance.

To note, my grandparents were also Pentecostal Christians and have no concept of Catholicism, so the conversation that transpired between my mother went completely over grandpa’s head.  He did use the respect I had for him to keep me at bay against my mother.  He knew us both well enough to know when things were getting nasty enough to step in, and my mother kept trying to use the tactic, “Remember, I’m still your mother.”   The conversation covered concepts that included the founding fathers of the United States (esp Benjamin Franklin), the Knights Templar, Baphomet, the crusades, the inquisitions, and finally the 1st amendment.  The most prevalent aspect of the conversation that grandfather put his foot down about was when my mother continued to tell me over and over again, that I had no right to do the Black Mass.  I curtly continued to remind her that all religions where protected.  She lashed out with some babble and Grandpa said,  “Donna, he has the right to believe whatever he wants and your wrong for this.  I don’t like that you put me in the middle of this with Adam.  You are wrong and I’m hanging up.  Adam, I love you son.”

Now that all control was lost by my mother, she started balling.  She proceeded to tell me how offensive my actions were and whatever.  She then tried to explain to me why the fucking eucharist was sacred and asked me what was sacred.  I responded that nothing was sacred and everything was permitted.  That statement shut her down and the water works increased and could hear her moving and she said to me, “Son, I am on my knees begging you to mail that to me.  You don’t understand the consequences.”  “What consequences?” I responded.  I was never told what these consequences where.  She just continued to beg me to return the wafer.  I then ended the phone call, ” This on your knees begging is what offends me.  You lost the power of being my mother the day you called DHS.”

This is 1 of 5 behind the scenes attacks made toward Kelsey and I during the 3 month ordeal.  I know many others out there have similar stories about their family members acting completely irrational about aspects of having opposing religious beliefs.  I am here to say that Father Ahriman has empowered and embolden me to continue down my path by allowing me to destroy the sick relationship that I had with my mother.  I know the Catholic Clergy figured this pulling at my heartstrings by putting my mother up to this would put a stop to me, the only thing they did was sever the final tie to my mother.  After I dealt with that, the fire that was lit under my ass only became a blazing star that only cemented my conviction to continue pressing forward to my goal.  Here begins the Catholic Malice that so many of you know, and we shall rise above the hatred they instill into the nonbelievers, by getting in their way in as many we can.

They have destroyed religions, cultures, families, and children in ways that are beyond our imaginations in the name of their sick and enslaving Gawd that only hungers for our blood  and suffering.  The very creature that has man destroy man from the inside out by forcing man to bury his animal nature and deny himself all that it means to be an animal.  When you express that aspect of your humanity, your are deemed a sinner and a witch!  This witch, this heretic they could not force into subjugation in this modern age because they could not put me to the sword or stake.  They could not torture me with their inquisitors tools, they tried to destroy with a mother’s love that never existed.  It only shows that their love, mercy, and peace are nothing more than weapons they yield to maintain their dominance over people’s lives.  We are to be the sick twisted animals that yearn for their blood in the name of vengeance because of how they twist most pure and innocent emotions into weapons of dominance and enslavement.  Problem with me is, there is no pain that can be presented in any form that will debilitate me in any pursuit I dare go after.  Once I accepted my own death at the young age of 13, my pain was released and it never could take ruse in me again because my self-loathing ended that night.  That was then, when I knew the Devil had so much more for me to do here, so much more to destroy here.  Only the villain enacts change, and the villain is the agent that introduces the chaos needed to improve the impoverishment of what has to be destroyed, so that a new and better way can be rebuilt.  If a small Cabal can stand up to a centuries old empire and win, imagine what a large united front could do to rip out the pestilence Known as the Roman Catholic Church.  The question you must ask yourself, are you willing to stand side by side with those who are willing to wear the Devil’s Horns?

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