OU Student’s Interview

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General questions:

  1. How would you describe your religious group (Dakhma of Angra Mainyu)? Do you prefer to be called a church, or something else? What sort of organizational structure do you have? Is there a hierarchy of leadership? How many members do you have? In what way do you meet/worship? What does being a member involve?

A: The Dakhma of Angra Mainyu is a legally filed church in the State of Oklahoma.

B: In the Oklahoma City Branch (Head Quarters) has the Dastur. This is the only branch with a Dastur. It is the Dastur’s job to provide the Church’s religious and spiritual information. The Mobeds are the ordained masters of their branch. They are to run their branches in accordance with the Constitution of Traditional Ahrimanism. That is our basic cannon law. Only ordained Herbads, clergy in training who have completed media training, may speak for the Dakhma legally and/or with the press. The Herbad is responsible to the Mobed of the branch and all Mobeds are responsible to the Dastur.

C: Meetings are to occur weekly for 3 hours as designated by the Mobed. The introduction classes start for 6-8 weeks. After that, visitors are given the option to disband or join the church. If they join, they will self-dedicate and sign the tithing agreement along with a confidentiality clause. From there they begin they begin the year long work book, Ahrimani Enlightenment, and the lessons that go along with it. After this has occurred, they are promoted to Yatus and can apply for a Herbad position.

D: Being a member involves weekly meetings, paying tithes, studying the material provided, attending/participating in rituals, and talking to other potential members.

  1. What is the history of your group? How did it form, and where did you get your religious ideology from (in particular, why do you focus so heavily on Zoroastrian concepts and figures)? How long have you been around? Have you been active in the community before? Have you held other public rituals, and if so, what were they?

A: In 2010, we started as a meetup group. The we founded the Church of the IV Majesties. That year we set to do a public ritual. During said time, my wife and I had another clergy member who was sexually abusive. So, we shut down the church and parted ways. Then in December of 2010, we started a coven in Texas that later became the Church of Ahriman.

, During the formation of the Coven of the Seraphim, the coven wanted to be a Traditional Satanic Coven aka Devil Worshipers. Since around 2003, I started my study into Ahriman and the coven voted to continue forward with my studies and move away from Satanism into Traditional Ahrimanism that I was creating.

In May of 2011, the Church of Ahriman was filed in Oklahoma. That is when the Okc Branch was opened. Then in August after fighting with Texas, since May, the Church of Ahriman was filed in Texas. Our first public ritual for Church of Ahriman Dallas was held in September 2011. It was covered by a local radio station and Telemundo Dallas. Then in October of 2011, was the Traditional Exorcism at the Garland’s Women’s Center in Garland Tx. Early November Mobed Kelsey Daniels did a self-dedication ritual outside, in the front of First Baptist Dallas. This was the Sunday Dr Robert Jeffress from Washington D C, where he attacked Mitt Romney for being a Mormon. Dr Jeffress was calling Mormonism a cult and saying Mitt Romney was an occultist. Later in November in Oklahoma City, Church of Ahriman protested the Church of the IV Crown Princes ritual at the Okc Civic Center. The Church of Ahriman performed a destruction ritual outside the Civic Center.

In March of 2012, the Church of Ahriman hosted Jesus Apostates From Christianity. This was held at the Okc Civic Center as well. April of 2012, on Easter, we attempted to do the same ritual in Dallas. We were rained out by a major thunderstorm caused by a tropical storm. The next major public event was October, it was the Apostasy Ritual and that was held at a public Okc, Oklahoma Park.

2013 was a quiet year because our Mobed in Dallas moved to Arizona. The major highlight was the 1st legally recognized wedding for Satanism. Though, other Satanic groups have performed weddings/handfastings, they have never been with a legally binding wedding license. We had pulled off the first legal Satanic wedding. Halloween of that year, we did the Apostasy ritual again.

B: In all actuality, Traditional Ahrimanism has birthed from Zoroastrianism, Zurvanism, Vedic Hinduism, and Yezidism. The reason is because Zoroastrianism is the center of duality that influences all major world religions particularly in the west. Do note, that Zoroaster was a fugitive from India which is why he demonized the Vedic Hindu Deva into Zoroastrianism Daeva. Zoroaster brings the first antithesis, the Devil, into existence. I’m not interested in a fallen angel, I’m interested in the equal dark chaotic force of the original devil in history, Angra Mainyu.

  1. In your own words, what is a “black mass”, or how do you interpret the black mass ritual? To what extent do you consider it a religious ritual? What meaning/function does this ritual (and the exorcism) serve for you and other members?

The Black Mass is a deprogramming device. The purpose of the Black Mass is to help relieve our members of the burden of the cross. It is a rejection of Christianity. Depending on the person, will depend on how many its done to deprogram and reject Christianity from their subconscious mind. It is a blasphemy ritual and is a tool to help with the conversion of religion. Though the ritual is crude and out right silly, it does have its place as a serious tool to free people’s minds.

  1. What was your intent in holding this black mass and opening it to the public? What goals did you have?

I had several intents. 1st intent was to show the Catholic Church, that they don’t own religion in this contrary. 2nd intent was to show the amount of pull they (Catholic Church) has in Law and Political arenas. 3rd intent was to educate the public about actual Satanic Ritual practice, and how this practice may be perverted but it is not physically dangerous to any person, animal, or place. 4th intent was to show my clergy how to handle the public, business partners, media, and opposing religious fractions. 5th intention was to begin creating tolerance through desensitizing the public to our beliefs. Finally, to destroy the fear of the Catholic Church because none of us where burned, killed, or disappeared from this public act.

  1. In your opinion, was the black mass successful? How, or why not?

The Black Mass was successful because we did what we set out to do. All of my intents and goals were accomplished. No matter what spin the media put on it.

  1. Is your group involved in the thing about the Satan statue on the state capitol grounds? If so, how?

Yes, Kelsey Daniels signed the application as the residential applicant. Then the reason Coakley’s panties are in a wad is because the symbol of Catholic Victory is carved into the 10 Commandments Monument already at the state capitol.

  1. Are you involved in any way with other Satanist organizations? How, or why not?

No comment

  1. What kind of response have you gotten (from supporters, the general public, protesters…) regarding the event? How do you feel about how the event has been covered in the news?

The response was as expected. Shocked that we didn’t get more death threats, but they had quite an outlet this time. The media has been bias for the Catholics till Coakley got stupid about trying to deny us our Constitutional Rights. Even then I was made laughable. When people are met with the unknown, they are scared. That is just the evolution of acceptance.

  1. What is your reaction to the Christian, particularly Catholic, protesters who say that your group’s event was an attack on their religion, was hate speech, should not be allowed in a public space, etc?

My reaction is my actions. Obviously,I was able to legally conduct the Black Mass in public and pull it off. I will, probably do it again within the next year.

  1. What’s next for your organization? Do you have any other public events/efforts planned?

For the Winter Solstice, I hope to have the Devi’s Yasna completed. Then next year, I believe we will conduct both the Black Mass and the Devil’s Yasna publicly.

  1. Is there a central message you would like to convey to the public about your group?

To educate the public by debunking the Hollywood projected image.

More particular questions:

  1. What specific things did you have to modify about these events in order to make them public?

Depends on the venue and state laws. Normally its nudity and public urination, defecation, and menstruation.

  1. Was there a particular reason you added live music to the event in-between rituals?

To allow for decompression and to relieve boredom. Religious ceremonies are boring, no matter the religion.

  1. I heard that one member of your group really had acquired (“stolen”) a consecrated host, that the Catholic Church filed a lawsuit, and so you returned it and used the black bread instead. Just so I get my facts straight, would you confirm/explain this in greater detail?

In all reality, nobody stole anything. The Catholic Church assumed we had a consecrated host. So we egged them on. What we has was a box of 1,000 communion wafers that were bought from Life Way Christian Book Store. We put one in a peach-tree dish to make it look legit. Then we helped the drama by telling bullshit to the media. The point was to vex the Catholics and it worked extremely well. This exposed their claws in the legal system. The getting sued part was priceless and it was the best advertising I couldn’t afford.

  1. In what ways did your Black Mass differ from a standard LaVeyan Black Mass?

Only the things we had to change for the Civic Center. Altar should have been naked, nun should have urinated in the chamber pot, real candles, real incense, and wine in the chalice.

  1. Is there any way I could get a script of the rituals?

Yes, will attach

  1. What was the significance of the menstrual blood in the second ritual?

Menstrual blood is the most corrupting fluid. There are magical and theological reasons for this. To keep it simple, this blood is dead blood and the Devil gave woman kind the blessing of menstruation. Due to the fact that the blood is dead, leaving the body through an unclean orifice, has a potent odor, and contains stem cells makes a beacon for demonic activity. It is said that 1 menstruating woman, can infect an entire village with demons. So, anything can be fully corrupted by demons, if it has contact with said fluid. The only combination stronger is the menstrual blood and semen being mixed.

  1. If you can speak to this, how did Matt feel after the exorcism? What religious significance did it hold for him? Does he consider it a success?

You will have to contact Matt on that question.

  1. At one point you answered a question about the significance of facing north (versus LaVeyan facing west). Can you further explain the significance of facing a certain direction?

Within magic there are four cardinal points, they follow the points on the compass. (north, south, east, and west) The Zoroastrians believed that the demons came from a mountain on in the north. Thus the cardinal point north was evil. Normal Satanism it is the west because it is in opposition to the catholic and Islamic altar being on the east cardinal point. As Mithraism left Persia and got to Rome, things changed. Another example is that the Soma drink was replaced with wine and the south point with the east.

  1. You also talked about “keys” (5th key, 19th key). Could you explain what this means and its significance?

I will not speak on the Enocian Keys.

  1. Could you explain more about the “droogs” (if I’m spelling that right)? What are they, and what role do they play in your religion?

Druj, are minor spiritual demons and physical embodiments of evil. Example would be snakes, scorpions, ect. If an animal lives in a cave or underground, has poison or are noxious they are considered Druj as well. The best way to see a spiritual Druj, is like an imp that whispers to your subconscious. The little Devil on your shoulder, they are everywhere.

  1. Regarding the exorcism: Do you believe that you called up literal demons, that they consumed a literal holy spirit? Do believe in the literal existence of God, Jesus, Angra Mainyu, Melek Taus, and all the other figures you named?

    We are a theistic church. We believe in the Daevas /demons we work with. We do believe that the opposing side is there as well. It’s every persons’ choice to pick Order or Chaos. We see reality differently than most and see the structure of good and Evil differently as well. Gawd is Ahura Mazda, Jesus is really Mithra and so on. The holy spirit is a tallying device. The more Evil Thought, Evil Speech, and Evil Actions that are done, the heavier it makes the soul. Obviously if you do good things it makes you lighter. If you die doing more evil that good, you fall off the Chinvat bridge and descend into Hell. If this tally device is removed and the energy of if is fed to the demons, then you can follow the Hag into the Realm of Hell that is a total separation from god and leads to reincarnation.

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