Black Mass of Oklahoma Tickets


The day has finally arrived, the tickets to the Black Mass of Oklahoma are on sale!  At 7:00 pm Kali-Ra will play some tunes that will set the mood for our celebration.  We should be set and ready to go by 7:45 pm.  Dastur Adam Daniels will give a short lecture on the history and purpose of the Black Mass and its importance to Satanism.  Once the Black Mass has concluded, The Choke will play and allow time people to decompress.  Then, around 8:30, we should be set back up for the Traditional Satanic Exorcism.  Matthew Garman, has volunteered to have the “Holy Spirit” removed from him.  There will be surprise on what we do that.  So, come enjoy the most talked about Satanic Rituals that the Catholic Arch-Bishop wants shut down.  Find out if we are truly evil, or if we are just free from their enslavement.


Tickets are available now.  Would love to see you there.