Balance Between Atheism and Theism

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Due to new interest in our Church, allow me to explain a little about we function as a organization.  We are theistic in nature, but we also understand that the human animal is a complex.  One issue that is often overlooked by Theistic or Traditional Satanists, is how much the subconscious mind has to do with us both religiously and spiritually.  The first issue I would like to examine, is we are beyond exchange God for Satan by name and maintain the same concept with a different name.  Meaning, I will not bow down to Satan or ask Satan to forgive me.  In other words, I am my God and I am responsible for me and my actions.  I choose to follow the precepts of the the Devil: evil thought, evil speech, and evil action.  This is where and how all things start and end within being human.  Can the devil influence your thoughts, yes, through your subconscious mind.  There are other things that influence the subconscious as well: propaganda, symbols, symbolic words, pictures, colors, patterns of these things, and etc.

Is the Devil in the details?  Yes he is but most time its other men’s vices that are using tricks to push your subconscious mind into acting to the suggestion.  Conscious thoughts are directed by your 5 senses and the desire you have from this input.  This stimulus is taken in, some consciously, and most subconsciously.  The things mention above and all other memories (per spiritual science the spirit may be tapped or is the subconscious mind) are processed almost instantly.  Depending on past results will determine reaction which can lead to a conscious thought.  This requires a decision to be made.  Should you choose to progress toward the subconscious desire/impulse, then you will speak about it.  This could be self talk or with others, and this is what I speak shall become.  Once proper determination and will is created, the action to attain said desire is taken.

How does all this apply to religion and spirituality in context to understanding your chosen spiritual guide is communicated with?   It should be obvious that one should surround themselves with the things that symbolize your God/Gods.  Prayers or mantras should be utilized to program your subconscious with the religious principles that you choose to resonate in the core of your being.  This is done to program your limitations to your behavior and sculpting your thoughts, speech and action through a filter created in your subconscious mind.  This same filter also channels the spiritual energy that is encompassed within the religious mantras.  Meaning the names of the spiritual beings within these mantras are compelled to your voice like an invocation.  This builds familiarity between your subconscious and the spiritual beings.

Along with these mantras and meditations, other sacrifice can be given through masturbation.  The adrenal release with the emotional outlet of said activity allows for energy to be given to these beings to maintain their existence.  Your devotion by doing this daily also drives energy to them.  Then full ritual is celebration and energy exchange with these spiritual beings.  These celebrations also provide devotional energy as well.  During this exchange we show these spiritual entities our desires within conjunction of focused will.  As the desire and sacrifice is pushed to the main God evoked, the God should send back to the subconscious mind how to attain said desire or goal.  If you are within that God’s favor, yours should come to you.  Though you must still work to make these things happen, the God will make they easier and attainable.  You must take responsibility for you ask and what you attain.

You must find the balance between the physical and spiritual realm.  Use the tools that our ancestors used to fulfill their lives.  Celebrate the Gods and they will celebrate you.  Know you are your true god and they are there to help you so long as you’re devote to them.  Know that some of your subconscious impulses can be them communicating to your subconscious and you have the power to consciously to move with those impulses.

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  2. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I believe that you should publish more about this issue, it may not be a taboo matter
    but usually folks don’t talk about such issues.

    To the next! All the best!!

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