Nightly Ritual Progression

Devil Prayer Rug


During one of our online discussions, the talk of the Nightly Rituals came up.  These are found in our workbook titled Ahrimani Enlightenment.  To maintain the privacy of our member he will be known as George.  This is the conversation:


George, been watching your posts. Please tell us your experiences with the nightly rituals. Obviously be selective with certain aspects. Also talk about any paranormal events, if any. To make it easiest, section it off like the nightlies are. Thank you, and we would appreciate it.

Hello,  I will attempt to give you what you asked for, but it may be difficult to explain, at times. You must understand that I am and was before finding the way of Ahriman, a National Socialist. I realize that may seem unimportant, but it isn’t. So let us begin there. I was following a form of Satanism that combined Spiritual Satanism and Laveyan, although I was never atheist. The first couple of weeks into the nightlys I started having vivid dreams. I dreamt of women that were uncomonly friendly towards me. I felt something different about these women and it was revealed to me that they were, indeed, druj. Their words, not mine. I was then, as I do now, have a little trouble retaining the mythology and history of this religion. I’m torn between studies of ancient Iran and furthering my knowledge of what National Socialism truly stands for, not the mainstream bullshit we all know. I came to the point in my meditations where we ask Father Ahriman to reveal our personal guardian. I did. In moments, and I hope it’s exceptable to reveal the name here, the name Baalberith entered my mind. When I asked for a confirmation the air around me changed. I can’t explain exactly how. It felt thicker, difficult to breath.

I saw images in my mind that were like from one f those kalidascopes from the seventies. I realized that Baalberith had entered the chamber and confirmed his being my personal druj. I was thinkng about cooling it off a bit from my National Socialist convictions and later brought this to Ahriman and Baalberith. But within three days people started approaching me, on line and off, about the subject. People wanted to be friends and “pick my brain”, so to speak, as I can speak about National Socialism with some authority. I then asked, through ritual, was I supposed to continue with my drive towards NS, as I truly feel passionate about this. In a dream, and it was too cloudy to describe here, I was told that I was led to this path, even before Ahriman, that Ahriman knew of me since I was young. (Allow me to add right here that I am in no way advocating National Socialism to this group or any member here. It is therght path for me. I’m not saying it is for everyone, by no means.) Anyway, I am now about six months into the nightlies and I’m using the strobes and mirrors, now. I can still feel the presences every now and then but haven’t dreamt in a couple of weeks. I don’t know wether any of this was what you were looking for, but there it is.

Its your experience and how things are occurring for you. Do feel as the internal changes, the external changes as well? Has doing this strengthen you?

Definitely! I can’t explain how I’ve changed internally. It’s just different. I have a friend at work who is female and likes deep conversations. Without my revealing my spiritual convictions, of course, she said in one of our very deep and personal conversations that she could see me in a hooded black robe reciting chants to Satan. I laughed so hard. I am a normal looking fellow, or I thought. She wondered why I found this so funny. It was then that I trusted her enough to reveal my faith in Ahriman.She went pale for a few seconds and then we had a good laugh. Empathic, I think she may be.

As far as strengthening me, yes, I feel more confident like I actually have purpose, if that makes any sense.

 Cool, so in your opinion, are the nightly rituals helping you?

 Most definitely! And I can add here, I feel as though I was led to tyhe Church Of Ahriman, like it was predestined, of sorts.

Awesome, if I may, with holding your name. Use this conversation in our public blog?

Feel free, brother. I’d be honored. Hope I could answer your questions with some satisfaction.

Its perfect, its your ride and its unique to each person. I hope others ask you questions about your experience. I also hope it inspires others to start or finish what they already started. Thank you

Quite welcome. Call on me any time.


All I can say, the proof is in the pudding.  People using the tools of the Ahrimanic Religion to better themselves and enrich their lives.  This is the internal purpose of the Church of Ahriman.  To help you understand, this member is about 6 months into the nightly rituals and he has risen above the petty fear and garbage that most people carry around.


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    • Hello,
      Mark A Brinkley of Okc Ok off of NE 5oth st. From Okc, ok also Ohio and Virginia.
      Yes I am an evil freak, keep running your mouth I will continue to reveal more personal information on you for other Satanists to troll.

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    I am going to send this post to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good
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