Asto Vidata (Astwihad)

Asto Vidata

Asto Vidata:
Is a Dew that works with the druj Nasu and Daeva Aeshma. If a pious soul is ascending into heaven, he is one of the three who will pull your soul into the House of Lies.

And the evil spirit thought that the creatures of Ohrmazd were all rendered useless except Gayomard; and Astwihad with a thousand demons, causers of death, were let forth by him on Gayomard. 22. But his appointed time had not come, and he (Astwihad) obtained no means of noosing (avizidano) him; as it is said that, when the opposition of the evil spirit came, the period of the life and rule of Gayomard was appointed for thirty years. 23. After the coming of the adversary he lived thirty years, and Gayomard spoke thus: ‘Although the destroyer has come, mankind will be all of my race; and this one thing is good, when they perform duty and good works.’
And, afterwards, he (the evil spirit) came to fire, and he mingled smoke and darkness with it. 25. The planets, with many demons, dashed against the celestial sphere, and they mixed the constellations; and the whole creation was as disfigured as though fire disfigured every place and smoke arose over it. 26. And ninety days and nights the heavenly angels were contending in the world with the confederate demons of the evil spirit, and hurled them confounded to hell; and the rampart of the sky was formed so that the adversary should not be able to mingle with it.
Hell is in the middle of the earth; there where the evil spirit pierced the earth and rushed in upon it, as all the possessions of the world were changing into duality, and persecution, contention, and mingling of high and low became manifest.

For when a man passes from the loins of his father into the womb of his mother, then does Astwihad, (‘the Dissolver of Bones’ and demon of death), secretly (menokiha) cast a halter round his neck which for his whole life’s span cannot be shaken off, not through the power of a good spirit and not through the power of an evil spirit; (32) but after he has passed away, that halter falls from off the neck of the man who is saved through the good deeds that he has done, but the man who is damned is dragged to Hell by that very halter.”
(Chidag Andarz i Poryotkeshan: A Zoroastrian Catechism)

Aeshma (Eshm) Fiend of the Wounding Spear


Is a Pairaka, the fiend of the wounding spear. She is
the personification of violence. She is Father Ahriman’s
arm of wrath and revenge. She
carries the “Spear of Destiny” which
wounds the soul.

The demon’s chief adversary however is Sraosha “Obedience”, the principle of religious devotion and discipline. The opposition between religious obedience and distraction from it is also expressed in the Yasna 10.8’s portrayal of Aeshma as the metaphysical endangerment of the Good Religion. Aeshma distracts from proper worship, distorting “the intention and meaning of sacrifice through brutality against cattle and violence in war and drunkenness.

Hymn to Aeshma I

Greatest, Unconquered
Boisterous Aeshma,
In spears rejoicing, and bloody wars
Fierce and calculating
Whose mighty strength can make
All walls fall
From their foundation:
Mortal Killing Daeva
Defiled with pious blood
Lover of War
Dreadful and tumultuous battle cry:
For you, human blood, and swords,
And spears delight,
And the dire ruin of mad savage war.
Stay furious contests,
Avenging strife,
You work with Woe,
Vexing and destroying human life;
To Lovely Aka Manah, to Ahzi Dahaka yield,
To Melek Taus give
Hard weapons to kill,
Peace through domination
And give abundance,
With benignant mind.

Hymn to Aeshma II

Aeshma, exceeding in strength, mirror-
helmed, black hearted
O defender of Arezura, Daeva of war like victory
Who whirls your fiery spear through the veil
of Zurvan
Hear me, helper of the wicked, giver of
dauntless youth
Shed a drop of blood upon us for the
strength of War
So I may drive away bitter cowardice
Crush down the deceitful men of piousness
Start aflame the burning fury in my heart to
Others to the ways of blood curdling strife
O Aeshma, give the boldness to strike down
The worshipers of Ahura Mazda with
The violent fiends of death

The Black Demon (Khazuran)

black demon

Black Demon:

Is a Dew. He is Father Ahriman’s son
. He is enveloped by the shadows. He can be invisible in the dark. He kills righteous kings. Khazuran resembles a fearsome wolf whom has crowds of demons that flock to him.

Through research, not much is known about this demon. Through myths we gather that he is a spectral assassin that can weave in and out of shadow to strike. Khazuran possess the ability to manipulate the darkness to be unseen and travel through it. Careful of the shadows and darkness that surrounds you, Khazuran my be there lurking for a kill.

Ahrimani Enlightenment


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