Breaking the Silence

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Dastur Adam and Mobed Kelsey Daniels have been silently supporting Lucien Greaves of the TST. When Lucien asked if one of them could sign the proposal, so there would be a local resident to add validity to the proposal. Obviously, not only having an ordained Satanic Priestess, and using the address of a legally files Satanic Church in Oklahoma gave Lucien the legitimacy he sought after. The agreement was made and Mobed Kelsey’s information along her even being apart of the situation was to remain quiet, until this was seen.

So the Church of Ahriman and Mobed Kelsey Daniels’s response:

OKLAHOMA CITY – We’ve all heard about the Satanic Temple out of New York that is working to get a monument to Satan erected at the Oklahoma State Capitol next to the one of the Ten Commandments.
Now, a local Satanist couple is coming out in support of the project.
In fact, Kelsey Daniels’ name is on the application to the State Capitol Preservation Commission.
She and her husband, Adam, spoke to us at their Satanic Church in the back of their metro home.
Adam Daniels said, “A lot of people don’t understand when they’re talking we’re evil, no. We want to free think, we want to think for ourselves. We want to make our own decisions. And we don’t need a God or a Godhead or a man claiming to be a part of the Godhead telling us how to live our lives.”
The Daniels say the Satanic monument has as much a right to be at the Oklahoma State Capitol as the Ten Commandments statue.
Click here for more information on the controversy.
Adam Daniels said, “I was rather aggravated by the fact that one side of the spectrum got represented, which is the majority side. But this is supposed to be a country. Where they’re going to represent one, they need to represent all.”
Kelsey Daniels became an honorary member of the Satanic Temple in New York so that the proposal for the monument could be completed on a local level.
They challenged the notion that Satanism does not pertain to the history of our state.
Adam Daniels said, “How does it not? Satan’s a Christian concept.”
While the Daniels would not tell us how many people gather at their home on Sundays, they did say Satanism is a growing movement in Oklahoma.
Adam Daniels said, “There is obviously a large pagan community in Oklahoma City but I think the fact that people have seen that we’re not in the basement anymore, we’re out in the public. We’re letting people know because we’re not going to get shot, we’re not going to get killed. We’re in a free country.”
No decision will be made on the Satanic monument by the State Capitol Preservation Committee until the lawsuit filed by the ACLU over the Ten Commandments statue is decided.

The next day after our statement, this happened:

The Satanic Temple religious group wants to erect a statue of Satan in Oklahoma.
Hell hath no fury like a Satanic religious group scorned.

A sidekick of popular radio host Don Imus apologized Tuesday morning five days after saying on the air that a select group of Satanists should be shot.


Appearing as part of a panel on WABC’s “Imus In The Morning” on Thursday, Bernard McGuirk had responded with fury to reports that The Satanic Temple religious group wants to erect a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan at the Oklahoma state capital, where a Ten Commandments momument also resides.

“They should be able to put the statue up and then they should be shot right next to it,” McGuirk said Thursday on “Imus,” which is simulcast on Fox Business. “And then we take it down.”

Members of the The Satanic Temple were outraged and demanded an apology.
“Advocacy of the murder of American citizens based on their religious beliefs is intolerable and sickening,” the group wrote in a letter to Fox News. “For (FOX News) to disseminate such a position as part of a televised debate on a national network strikes at the heart of this country’s founding principles and potentially places the Temple’s members in imminent danger.
“Our client requests that the Fox News Network immediately issue The Satanic Temple an apology for broadcasting a call for the murder of its members, who simply desire to be treated equally with every other religion in this country,” the letter continues. “In addition, they would like to see a public reprimand of Bernard McGuirk.”
An artist’s rendering provided by The Satanic Temple shows the proposed statue.
A contrite McGuirk obliged, apologizing to the Satanic group on the air.
“My comments were rooted in ignorance,” said McGuirk, also the executive producer of the show. “Satanists do not promote evil a la Charles Manson or Hitler. Regardless, I don’t want to see anybody shot, that’s the truth of the matter, so I do apologize unequivocally. I apologize for those comments and certainly, certainly withdraw them.”
TST officials say McGuirk and others often misunderstand what the group is all about.

Yes, the Church of Ahriman is still actively perusing it mission to educate the public by debunking the Hollywood projected image. We support those who fight the fight of equality in a bigoted NATION!!!

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