Church of Ahriman Do Not Lie

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I didn’t give Towel Head this paperwork because I was unsure of his intention. The accusation is that the heads of the Church of Ahriman has/is/was abusing young James from 2700 miles away. These “orders” do include the “family.” In the video Haverhill bullshit, Adam read the papers word for word. The missing piece is the phones calls Adam had with both Haverhill and Warr Acres Police Departments. The letters and such sent to Haverhill court house that appeared missing even though they were signed for. Part of that package to Haverhill was a written request of the proof used to place these charges. That was never attained as well, seems Haverhill is shady.

On another level, the Undertaker and Pope have been contentiously crying wolf over this Meme that their buddy Peter Caira created. This poor abused child has been exploited by his own parents who continue to use him as a pawn to garner attention. This is typical pseudo-drama that these people continue to make up. They enjoy projecting their negative behavior on to others. Remember when Pope had this poor child threaten Sin Jones on Cinch.

Real loving parents wouldn’t publish pictures of their child on social media for public consumption. They are well aware of how many enemies they have. Adam and Kelsey Daniels will never publish pictures of their child, as they love and protect them from said internet pseudo-drama. This is what parents do, protect their children instead of using them as a pawn to garner attention. If you are looking for truth and a real occult education, we are always around.





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