Church of Ahriman, In the Media

Ok Halloween

Poison Apple Radio

Dallas Observer

One thought on “Church of Ahriman, In the Media

  1. Your true Creator will be here soon to judge you and know it will be in front of everyone, and then you will be bent over for an eternity for your weak and cowarldy wannabe daddy, so you see you fat ass moron, YOU LOSE! satan knew he lolst before he even got started but, he knew that he would be taking some Godless and worthless souls with him to abuse like your kind have Gods chidren, the little one’s in particular, get it fat boy! you will see what your wannabe and never will be daddy, really is, the monster and psycho he really is and you you fool, have no clue what you have done, not a clue in that fat head of yours, brainless and immoral, but satan is far worse and you will learn that first hand and for a whole eternity…hahahahaha….moron who sold the soul the ONE AND ONLY CREATOR gave you you fat liitle fool! Was your daddy hard on you, did your mother beat you lie the red-headed step shild you so are??!! Many of us have written the oklahoma council and many from afar who now refuse to visit oklahoma because of your kind, satan’s weak and cowarldy fools, traitors of our CREATOR!
    WE will see you on judgement day FOOL! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT TO YOUR ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! REPNT TO YOUR ONE AND ONLY CREATOR! REPENT or go straight to hell with the other weak cowards like the temper tantrum throwing inadequate satan! Wow, you need help and we wish we were there to help you, but until then we send you love, joy, peace, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! REPENT! We can’t wait until Jesus stands while you are judged and thrown into the pits of hell, we will see you then!!

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